-YOUNG HIGH FLYERS & MOTIVATORS TOYOSI AKERELE-OGUNSIJI — ‘’Born A Woman – Blessed with the heart and voice of a King’’


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‘’It’s always been my dream that the World will come to see, experience, enjoy and respect the inherent greatness, talent, hospitality and hidden treasures of my Country and Countrymen.’ — TOYOSI AKERELE-OGUNSIJI – ‘’Born a Woman – Blessed with the heart and voice of a King’’ Highlighting activities of the young and the old; male and female; form part of the campaign that TERRIFIC HEADLINES is running, with intent to encourage the target audience to adopt preventive over and above reactive measures in combating widespread moral decadence that has eaten into the very fabrics of the society. Regrettably, this issue is not limited to youths alone; but also, some renegades who have reached ages of maturity. We believe that this type of campaign could assist in preventing criminal and social vices; while also getting the target audience – Government, parents and organizations with parental responsibilities, and even the civil society – to be more aware of their responsibilities, particularly preventing social and criminal vices, as well as inculcate in every facet of the society, the right values, ethics, and morals. SUCCEEDING IN LIFE: Successes are attainable through hard work, prayers and a bit of luck. Two successful Cambridge businesses attribute success to: ‘’luck, clear vision and sheer hard work’’. The faith that I profess believes and recognizes God as a Master Planner, with the Holy Spirit leading the way. Catholic Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Abuja, highly cerebral Cardinal John Onaiyekan asserts that: ‘’In terms of developing a positive global vision, the sharing of information is key. ‘’We must work hard to present people with a different range of ideas, interests and visions, and introduce different types of people, information and values in an attempt to bring about understanding. ”There is always room for learning’’ Today, Africa parades a paradox of opulence, growth and pervasive poverty. Generally, it is believed that Africa’s future may very well depend on the ability of the target audience described above, to evolve workable systems that would guare sustainable and viable cultures of governance and democracy. LONG RANGE VISIONING & PLANNING: So many factors influence several interests in an increasingly interdependent world.In advanced societies, policies are woven to include long range planning and visioning that guarantee periodic measurement of achievements as a means of putting implementation on track. Our young achievers on whom we are focussing, commencing with Toyosi are described as: ”change makers, trendsetters, visionaries…

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