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’When people talk about successful societies, they forget that there are some critical drivers of achievement that were embraced by these societies before recording considerable successes which they enjoy today. It is trite that visionary and purposeful leadership engenders the evolution of a near-perfect society where virtually everything works’’  – TERRIFIC HEADLINES

 Let me confess that sometimes, I think like I reside in another planet. My nature abhors violence in all forms.  For instance, I wonder every so often why people must engage in violence. It is always strange whenever I see people engage fisticuffs. I quickly move away from such scenes because the innocent could be a casualty. For someone who hates the sight of blood and cannot watch a fowl slaughtered, I have no option than to keep safe distances. One other characteristic that I have is my fellow-feeling for women. Someone once remarked that I love women, to which I responded that my mother was a woman, my wife is a woman, and my siblings are women. More importantly, members of the female gender go through very horrible stress that men might perhaps find unbearable. Think about the experience of bringing a human being into the world. That alone is scary and no man would most probably agree to go through that stress.

Therefore, women deserve our pity, encouragement and commendation for going through unimaginable stress and pressure.  Readers would, from the foregoing, understand why I am always concerned about peace and peaceful conducts, and have always advocated for deeper involvement of women in finding solutions to the myriad of problems that beset our nation.  Evidently, we require new attitudes and reorientation of our people to embrace peace and for the much-desired development to occur. We have in recent times witnessed horrible restiveness and conflagration.  And they don’t appear to be prepared to go away soon. The good thing is that all these problems are surmountable. However, the question appears to be: how to achieve this salient goal of promoting peaceful conducts and the modalities.

 WOMEN AS HIDDEN RESOURCES: A British government sponsored report has described Nigerian women as the country’s ‘’hidden resources’’ and investing in women and girls now will increase productivity in this generation and will promote sustainable growth, peace and better health for the next generation. Worldwide, the impact of acts of intolerance is disquieting. It is to be noted that the whole world is currently in an era characterized by several criminal and social vices that demand and command the attention of not only Governments; but all citizens. All over the world, there is a disturbing trend of poverty and human-induced problems that have, in Africa contributed largely to legal and illegal migration by a large number of people to the Western world. We will soon start publishing highlights of that 2012 Report, whose Foreword has as signatories, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, then Hon. Minister of Finance & Coordinator of the Economy and the then CBN governor, Emir Sanusi Lamido Sanusi.

USING THE UNCONVENTIONAL TO ACHIEVE CONVENTIONAL RESULTS:    Precious human lives have been lost to unreasonable conducts and conflicts.  Children have been abused in very heartless ways; while womanhood has been debased by several unimaginable acts. It is obvious that we all must collectively contribute to efforts at curbing the trend of heartless criminal conducts through the proper grooming of our young ones. TERRIFIC HEADLINES subscribes to engaging in proactive steps to stem the tide of social and criminal conducts as panacea for national cohesion and development. Certainly, the ability of any Government to perform effectively and meet the expectations of its people depends on several factors. The extent to which both the Government and the governed can cooperate in sharing responsibilities must not be in doubt. Our concern now should be how to evolve solutions to stem the tide of all these unfortunate incidents. Communicators know that given how the society reacts perceptively, First Lady Buhari’s message will surely attract greater attention that the one conveyed by a Hon. Minister. Additionally, women are most likely to be better involved in large numbers if she leads the campaign.

ENGAGING THE FIRST LADY:   Mothers, wives, sisters and daughters, must unite to contribute their quota for the sake of  our today and tomorrow.  This should be a serious activity devoid of the usual dancing and related issues at campaign rallies.  Twice, I have been part of conferences on tackling insecurity in the country, organized by the Defence & Police Officers’ Wives Association led by Mrs. Omobolanle Olonisakin.  I have listened to the First Lady of the Federal Republic, Hajia Aisha Buhari on both occasions express genuine concern about the need for women to be deeply involved in fashioning solutions. A summary of Hajia Buharis’ speeches reveal a vociferous call for the society to wake up to reality as the current global trend of negative influences point to the fact that we must safeguard our society against negative influences dutifully.

JUSTIFYING THE FIRST LADY’S INVOLVEMENT: These are unusual times. This is one good reason why we must cooperate to prevent, and where applicable, support efforts to arrest such sordid occurrences. In this circumstance, I ask that key stakeholders and opinion leaders should please support Government’s public enlightenment drive to develop our country and minimize, if not totally eradicate perpetration of social and criminal vices that have eroded our peculiar ways of life. We must necessarily increase the attention we pay to occurrences in our homes and our environment.   We are irrevocably committed to our agenda of implementing our programmes faithfully and efficiently.

The First Lady noted that engaging in the search for viable strategies should be of primary concern to women as mothers, sisters, daughters and wives, supported by our husbands who are the heads of family units. We all have the responsibility of securing our societies.  For instance, insurgents are part of the society, as they live in the same environment with law abiding people. Activities of nefarious individuals and groups must be reported to our security agencies; and couples must create more time to engage their children and wards in discussions about desirable conducts and performances.

Arising from the foregoing, it is to be noted that one salient way to defeat terrorism and security breaches is to build functional and inclusive alliances, synergies, and networks for peace, without which mankind will continue to be commonly vulnerable to violent conflicts. All these vices, particularly insurgency, have no local or international borders.

Sadly, these conflicts have come with enormous costs and we must act in support of all measures designed to curb the dangerous trend. If this is the only campaign directed at capturing youths to be of good conducts that the First Lady, Hajia Aisha Buhari is able to seriously champion and win during her tenure, she will succeed in leaving her imprints on the positive pages of history.