UNITED NATIONS & THE PLIGHT OF AFRICA – INTERVENTIONS & MOBILIZING WITH AFRICA — Guterres, Annan, Obasanjo, Clinton, Obama, Boutrus Ghali, Gambari & UN agencies on importance of global support for Africa.


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For the next few days, Terrific Headlines will engage in advocacy for Africa by publishing the views of some world leaders on the conditions of the poorest continent in the world. First, we bring you teasers on what some world leaders and United Nation’s agency are on record as stating in the past about Africa’s position in the global community.Leading the thoughts on INTERVENTIONS is UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres,  whose position shows UN’s sympathy for Africa.  WE have chosen to run our campaign with this catchphrase #SUPPORTAFRICA # # # believing that all Africans at home and in the Diaspora as well as all who love Africa will circulated to get the global community to appreciate the challenges confronting Africa. NThis is far more than a health crisis.  It is a human crisis.  It is not just a health pandemic.  It is a jobs pandemic. A humanitarian pandemic.  A development pandemic. In Africa, households and businesses were suffering liquidity challenges and other pressures even before the virus got a toehold on the continent.  The development emergency had already hit before the health emergency, but now countries will need to battle both – with millions more Africans plunged into poverty. Meanwhile, already unacceptable levels of inequalities are growing, fragility increasing, commodity prices declining, and hard-won development gains are under threat.  To help address the devastating economic and social consequences, I have been since the beginning asking for a comprehensive global response package amounting to a double-digit percentage of global Gross Domestic Product. This, by the way, is assumed by several developed countries with their own domestic programs. For Africa, that means more than $200 billion. To get there, we must mobilize all partners. I commend swift actions by the IMF and World Bank Group to support member countries and the strong commitment of both the International Monetary and Financial Committee and the Development Committee to enhance access to facilities and tools. But we need greater resources for the IMF, including through the issuance of Special Drawing Rights, and enhanced support for the World Bank Group and other International Financial Institutions and bilateral mechanisms.  Alleviating crushing debt is absolutely crucial. I welcome G20 steps, including the suspension of debt service payments for all IDA countries.   That’s a start.  But the severity of the crisis demands more. Many other developing countries are highly vulnerable and already in debt distress – or will…

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