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Tribute to the United Nations @ 75 …. Giving Hope to the Hopeless; Voice to the voiceless — & Moderating the Global Community for a liveable future.


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This writer believes strongly in the usefulness of the United Nations to the agenda of the whole world pertaining to peace, progress, and development. I have, therefore, taken keen interest in monitoring its activities as well as ‘’digesting’’ information on its activities.  The United Nations is a product of two World Wars that ravaged the whole world in severe proportions. As a lover of peace and development who tries as much as possible to run away from trouble of any kind,  and a well-wisher of the United Nations, this writer celebrates and identifies with the UN on the occasion of its 75th anniversary. It takes the grace of God to recognize the importance of peace and peaceful conduct especially by someone like me who cannot watch a fowl slaughtered. I wonder how people aim a gun at a human being and shoot!  ”Discretion is the better part of valour” is credited to Falstaff in King Henry the Fourth, Part One, by William Shakespeare and means caution is preferable to rash bravery.  When it comes to violence, I am not brave at all.  Consistently, I have pondered over how the world would have looked like today without the United Nations, its organs and affiliates. Having been privileged to understudy the UN system for months in 1986 at a period that ate into the 41st Session of the UN General Assembly held in New-York, I am in a position to express my opinion on how beneficial the establishment of the global organization has been to mankind. I, therefore, say with every authority and unequivocally too that the organization has come a long way and should be supported to continue its good work commenced 75 years ago. Sometimes, actions may be taken as a result of ignorance hence the need for all who know the importance of the UN to assist in propagating its ideals. It is possible that views of the ordinary person on the streets on some nations may run contrary to the continued existence of this dignified organization, but we need to consider some basic facts,  particularly its usefulness in the past 75 years to the 7 billion human beings inhabiting planet Earth. MEMORY LANE: By a modalities resolution adopted by UN Member States will mark its 75th anniversary with a one-day high-level meeting of the UN General Assembly on Monday, 21 September 2020 on the theme, ‘The Future We Want, the UN We Need: Reaffirming our…

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