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    THOUGHTS ON NIGERIAS PUBLIC SERVICE— NIGERIANS ARE THE PROBLEMS OF NIGERIA: — Adamu Fika As we can see, the Nigerian problem is not in the economy; it is not in the politics or in the societyit is in us. And it will not change until we ourselves change. In order for us to begin the process of change, the future of this nation must be entrusted, as it was in the past, into the hands of peoplepoliticians and civil servantswho will, in word and deed, and through self-sacrifice, lead us by example; and who will always exercise the leadership function in the public interest and for the public good. We must therefore first bring about a most fundamental change in the way we do everything; and the first step in this long journey is to look back into our past and take what we will need; for, we must begin in the pastand go on to the future. Mallam Adamu Fika, CFR This piece will commence with commendations to the Joint negotiating teams of both Nigerias labour unions and Government side led by the Federal Minister of Labour, Employment & Productivity, Dr. Chris Ngige (Onwa) for holding successful talks on agreements for the implementation of the new minimum wage structure. For government sides, this could be one of the hardest of tasks given labours proclivity for rigid and obstinate postures that have been known to come at huge costs to both the government and the governed. That both sides (labour and government) are still talking demonstrates responsiveness and hope. The plight of the common man has always been the major concern. Top government functionaries hard feel the incidence of industrial actions. COMMENDATION FOR LABOUR & GOVERNMENT SIDES: Discussions with labour require ability to withstand pressure and absorb some punches by way of objectionable statements. They are no sessions for personalities with short-fused temper. Most times, labour leaders are more than adequately armed with facts and figures to convince the other side that there are loopholes within the system that should be plugged for the common good. I once had the privilege of assessing the personality of Onwa Ngige when he appeared before the panel that attempted to get to the roots of the Chris Uba/Christ Ngige fiasco at the Command Guest House, Abuja. In his arguments, he appeared to me like someone with a capacity for fighting and at the…

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