Sunday, March 7, 2021
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A few days ago, the SUNHAK PEACE FOUNDATION awarded the President of the African Development Bank Group, Dr. Akinwumi Adesina 2019 Sunhak Peace Prize Laureate 2019. The award,  alongside a monetary award of Cash Prize of US$500,000 to the World Fighters Foundation. SUNHAK FOUNDATION posted the story thus on its website: · Awarded 2019 Sunhak Peace Prize for his contribution in leading Africa’s agricultural innovation and promoting good governance in Africa. · Calling out to international community that, “There cannot be peace in a world that is hungry.”  Will put his best effort in the eradication of famine and hunger and complete employment of youths in Africa. Guess what Adesina did…the AfDB president donated the sum of US$ 500,000 in cash to charity, precisely to the World Fighters Foundation. It is not fight in terms of the pugilist or boxer. It is fight in terms of combating poverty. I confess I exclaimed when I read the piece. I calculated the US$500,000 in naira and discovered that it is in the region of One Hundred and Seventy Million Naira! N170 million naira. I When he was asked to give a word on receiving the Sunhak Peace Prize for 2019, he said “The Sunhak Peace Prize is a call to do more for me. ‘’I want to thank the Sunhak Committee for recognizing my 30 years of services that have put in lifting millions out of poverty, not just Africa. ‘’There are millions who are still suffering from poverty and I want to encourage and enlighten them, so they can live better life. I hope one day, we could live in a world where there is no hunger. “I am thankful that I am receiving the award in Seoul, Korea. ‘’Seoul city is a dream city for me and I learn a new lesson every time when I come here. The Korean peninsula was divided into two lands after the Cold War. ‘’There was not enough food and resources. ‘’This country started with national income of one hundred US dollars and that number jumped to $31000. This improvement is just amazing. This shows a great lesson on how Korean people had the vision and passion in developing their own nation”   Adesina immediately announced he was donating his $500,000 share of the prize to fighting hunger in Africa: “There is tremendous suffering going on in the world. While progress is being made, we are…

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