Sunday, March 7, 2021
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I have read again and again that inspiring speech delivered by UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres at the last MANDELA DAY anniversary lecture that he delivered in a no holds barred manner that revealed the fragility of the world, particularly inequality that is a most dangerous phenomenon confronting humanity at this point in history. Nothing less is expected from Guterres who previously served as the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, a vantage position that provided him an opportunity to view the world and its peoples from different perspectives. The title of his treatise is: TACKLING THE INEQUALITY PANDEMIC: A NEW SOCIAL CONTRACT FOR A NEW ERA. What would emerge in the new era is currently being redrawn at the current VIRTUAL United Nations General Assembly, the first-ever to be held by the UN in 75 years. The speech interspersed occasionally with the words: DEAR FRIENDS, I dare say, ranks among the best ever delivered by ‘’Feminist Guterres’’.  The UN Secretary-General admitted in the speech that he is a feminist and all his actions since he got into the much-coveted position have pointed in that direction. I will narrow down the Secretary-General’s postulations to the developing world and women. Unfortunately, the female gender that attracts the sympathy of several people (including my humble self) appears to be docile in the developing world.  Examples abound. Not many women show interest in contesting for political positions, preferring instead, (in the words of Prof. Akin Mabogunje)  to assume the position of loyal subjects rather than active citizens. Not much has been heard from women in prominent positions who by their positions and influence are opinion leaders who could win very important concessions for the female gender through advocacy and mobilization campaigns. No strong voice, or not many female voices joined in the campaign against electoral violence in the last Edo State governorship election. We also require greater involvement of women in the campaign against moral and criminal actions by youths. I woke up today to monitor the media and discovered that a lot of sensitization is ongoing for women to come out and vote in this Saturday’s governorship election. We will write on this in another piece and pray that Gen. Abdulsalami A. Abubakar (rtd) and Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah may find their names engraved on positive pages of history eternally. It is difficult to predict what could have happened to Nigeria had these great patriots…

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