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I know this caption will arouse curiosity. Most readers will likely desire to be appointed Gatemen, or at least Senior Assistant Gateman if the position is vacant given our lust for power.  This is title of a piece written recently by veteran media practitioner, Eric Teniola is exhumed from the body of a very enlightening piece authored by veteran media practitioner. Eric Teniola, who turned 70 last week proved his mettle in the media before jumping to the other side which is definitely cooler and juicy. As a bureaucrat, Eric was a colossal figure in the office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation that is the power-house of governments. Anybody could have worked in that capacity and leave happily without any blemish. Secretaries to Government wield tremendous powers as heads of the clearing house for the activities of government. Power flows, or is delegated by the big boss to his subordinates as he/she so wishes. But a lot depends on the appointing authority who determines responsibilities. Eric Teniola was a valuable commodity in the Presidency, given his proficiency as a very articulate newsman and bureaucrat. He must have read and studied critical policy papers by virtue of his office in the nerve centre of activities of government. He stayed that long because he was able to secure the confidence of his successive bosses as an asset. Teniola is a moving Encyclopaedia, as he has been able to assimilate huge knowledge of workings in the corridor of power. Indeed, Eric is a positive feature of excellence in Nigeria’s bureaucracy. He has been able to assimilate so much that he is now sharing with the public. This way, Teniola is removing the veil off political governance and occupants of political offices. Periodically, Teniola releases accounts that form part of history. Those pieces are very useful, particularly for new entrants into governments. The last piece released by Eric Teniola was captioned:  The Power of the Office of the Chief of Staff.  It is recorded this way:  ERIC TENIOLA: The office of the Chief of Staff to the President as we all know, was not created by the constitution. Today, after twenty years, the office is one of the most envied in the land. The office plays two roles, Bureaucratic as well as Political. It is the abuse of the political role that has brought the attraction. President Olusegun Obasanjo created that…

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