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The Part to Play – A participant-observer’s account of events leading to the collapse of First Republic democracy in Nigeria …….The Autobiography of S.T. Adelegan

First Republic politician

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Available on shop.terrificinvestment.com, THE PART TO PLAY – An autobiography of S.T. Adelegan; Deputy-Speaker, Western Nigeria House of Assembly ….. Author Shadrach Adelegan brings a service-driven life to focus ABUJA, Nigeria – Shadrach Adelegan’s nonfiction book: ‘The Part to Play’’ tells the story of a life of a humanist characterized by patriotism, dedication, humanism, statesmanship and community service. Contains records of events leading to the collapse of First Republic democracy in Nigeria. EXCERPT FROM FOREWORD: “Adelegan’s handling of the proceedings of the defunct post-emergency Western Region House of Assembly as Speaker Protempore, was commended by the political party in power and the opposition who saw Adelegan as an impartial arbiter. This publication will surely be useful to students of History and politics. — Archdeacon Emmanuel Oladipo Alayande OFR, LLD, JP. An excerpt from the book: 1962 LEGISLATIVE DISTURBANCES ON THE FLOOR OF THE WESTERN REGION HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY: Chairs began to fly in different directions. One located Chief Awolowo but was quickly intercepted by Chief Alfred Rewane. There was free-for-all fight, a situation which attracted tear gas from the security men. As soon as the tear gas was thrown, the whole place became deserted as the honourable men fled. The Speaker – Adeleke Adedoyin, myself, Chief Obafemi Awolowo and Chief Jonathan Odebiyi managed to find our ways to the Speaker’s Office. There, Chief Awolowo telephoned the Prime Minister, Alhaji Tafawa Balewa to inform him of the rascality displayed by the people on the floor of the House. Mutually, we should agree to keep decency in the House.’’ COMMENDATIONS: Hansard – Official Bulletin of the Western Region House of Assembly – 6th April, 1965 The Hon. Chief S.L. Akintola (Premier): ‘’Perhaps I may express the sentiments of both Sides of the House. We pay you, Sir, the commendation that is due to you for the efficient manner in which you have been able to carry on and discharge the duties of the Speaker of this honourable House. (Cheers). It is unfortunate that ill-health prevented the Hon. Speaker of this House from attending this important Budget Meeting but, in spite of the short notice, you came to our rescue as an experienced Deputy Speaker who has been able to assimilate and acquire a great deal of practical knowledge. For this, we are very much indebted to you for the successful completion of this Budget Meeting and I think that your performance on…

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