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PLEASE ARISE – OUR WIVES, MOTHERS, SISTERS & THE FEMALE GENDER: We are implementing a Social Development Campaign that serves to promote unity of family units as a way of developing the society through joint involvement of parents and organizations with parental responsibilities. is about mobilizing our society for development, utilizing family units; with a strong belief that new attitudes and new orientation, are required for sustainable growth and development. Remarkably, every reasonable person must be socially responsible. The recognition also aims at mobilizing people and organizations engaged in parental responsibilities; including figures like teachers, priests, peers, and the media, to play prominent parts in influencing the society, particularly through bringing up the child. ‘’Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it’’. (PROVERB 22: 6)

Last year, the Defence and Police Officers’ Wives Association (DEPOWA) commenced an initiative of assisting to promote peaceful conducts in the larger society and also serve as an encouragement to Officers and Men of the Armed Forces and the Police to contain acts prejudicial to public peace and good. TERRIFIC HEADLINES a conference on peaceful conducts organized by DEPOWA because we are committed to peaceful conducts. The very emotional address of the Wife of the Vice-President who stood in for the Wife of the President, Hajia Buhari is being replayed again with intent to encourage our women and ladies to act appropriately as we negotiate the bend leading to the general elections in Nigeria.  It was a very emotional speech that could touch some hearts that are still redeemable. And the purpose is SOLELY FOR THE REASON OF PUBLIC GOOD & NATIONAL INTEREST, as we do not, as a matter of policy, canvass for any political party.  If we must publish such, it would have to come by way of advertisements that we vet meticulously.

In her welcome address, the wife of the Chief of Defence Staff, Mrs. Omobolanle Olonisakin assured the nation of her association’s commitment to coming together in order to promote public good. At that event, the Wife of the Vice-President, Mrs Oludolapo Osinbajo spoke extemporaneously, in an emotion laden speech, calling on women to do more as the pivots of family units. It is still very timely and potent.

SELFLESSNESS INSTEAD OF SELFISHNESS — THE MASSES SHOULD THINK AGAIN: There are so many issues in contention. That has always been the condition in critical situations. The importers of arms would not be the ones to use them. Their children would also not be in the theatre of wars. I am yet to hear of any prominent name whose children and wives perished in the ill-fated Nigerian Civil War that lasted from 1967-1970; which is why the less-privileged should reflect and behave as masters of politicians. Let us realize that those on whose sides we line up may indeed have nothing to lose like the less privileged and innocent souls in the society. All the affluent require to get out fast does not include suitcases; but only two things viz: Their international travelling passports and their debit/credit cards, following which they will hop on their private jets to get out of the country, God forbid, in the case of any eventuality.

As has been very well affirmed, the leadership question and the roles of the governed have been the bane of Nigeria. This belief has been further amplified and reinforced by Dr. Yemi Farounbi, a politician of repute who has postulated that for Nigeria to progress, the nation must be ready to do away with old practices, with the leadership cultivating new habits and cultures that would throw up sincere and dedicated people with vision, intellect and knowledge.’’ Dialogue is the answer and not confrontation that would not yield any fruit. Great nationalists and heroes of democracy in Nigeria recognized this fact and warned that it was senseless to go to war that could be too costly on account of racial prejudices and political differences. That position still remains the truth till today.

WOMEN TO THE RESCUE: And lastly, our women and mothers, who exert moderating influence that is unquantifiable have huge roles to play in fostering peace, peaceful conducts, and progress in every society. I listened with rapt attention to that very emotional delivery by the wife of the vice-president, Pastor (Mrs) Dolapo Osinbajo at the last conference of Defence and Police Officers Wives Association in Abuja last year. I have viewed the video clip at least 10 times to decode properly her admonition which is very very very deep. Search this Facebook page  a few posts below and view the clip.

STAY ON YOUR HUSBANDS’ NECKS FOR PEACE TO REIGN: By the time own women spend the whole day or a whole week ministering to their husbands and family units on what are the proper steps to take, (like the woman in the Holy Bible, who continually troubled the Judge who eventually acceded to her request; we most probably would listen to our wives and mothers. (In that day judges travelled around and held court in tents. They set their own agendas and about the only way to have your court case heard was to bribe one of the attendants to bring your case to the attention of the judge. This widow had a couple things working against her. She was a woman, and women were low on the social ladder. She also had no money to bribe the attendants, so her case was not heard) Luke 18:1-8.

There is every probability that we will yield to their good counsel and demands as men always feel troubled by what they consider like to keep grumbling away from their sights. It is also notable that most of our problems are of our own making, not that of the devil.  But whatever the immediate source, God is the ultimate sovereign over the problems we face. We also need to keep in mind that being godly does not exempt us from suffering.  “Whom the Lord loves, He disciplines” (Prov. 3:12; Heb. 12:6) May the good Lord bless Nigeria.



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