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THE ‘MAGIC’ OF TIANANMEN SQUARE, BEIJING, CHINA: A SIGNPOST TO THE URGENT NEED TO DEVELOP ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE IN NIGERIA Without any iota of doubt, the immediate past administration in Osun State will be credited with huge successes in investment promotion and opening up the State to the international community. Evidences abound. The Livingspring Mining Company, the Free Trade Zone, and the Centre for Black Culture project are clear examples of the projects initiated and which stand as testimonials to the commitment and dedication of the Olagunsoye Oyinlola administration to the development of Osun State.  It is on record that only Osun State government, out of the whole thirty six States in Nigeria succeeded in winning bids in the thorough exercise conducted by the Bureau of Public Enterprises with eleven (11) mining fields won in Osun, (Gold) Kogi (Feldspar) and Eastern and Northern parts of the country.  Oyinlola, a man of vision also commenced the Osun State Airport project as a Cargo Airport to serve the Free Trade zone. I know of at least three prominent Chinese companies that were on their way to Osun State before the abrupt termination of the government in 2010. Reports gathered from the Nigerian Embassy in China later indicated that the investors were scared away by Nigerians who wrote to them that Oyinlola was an impostor! Meanwhile, Oyinlola had secured a ‘Letter of No Objection’ from the Federal Government for one of the Chinese organizations to move into Osun State with huge funds to commence work on a big farming enterprise that would serve its industries in the Free Trade Zone. The foregoing is a preamble. The issue for consideration today is the development of Alternative Medicine. In Year 2006, Prince Oyinlola led some officials of the State government on an investment promotion visit to the Peoples Republic of China. At the very popular tourists’ attraction: Tiananmen Square, a city square in the centre of Beijing, the governor and his team, including the then Nigeria’s envoy to China, the always affable Ambassador Oluwole Coker had a first-class experience of how China had moved rapidly to develop its alternative medicine to the fancy of the world.  We subjected ourselves to diagnosis akin to general medical check-up by alternative medical practitioners, who with the ordinary specialized touch of each of the three vessels, through which blood runs through each wrist diagnosed ailments perfectly. We were informed that…

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