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The whole world is in a quagmire given the increasing trend of immorality, criminal and other social vices. What makes the situation critical all over the world is the relative ease by which these disturbing issues ravage the global community as occurrences without borders.  The developing and developed world no longer sleep with their two eyes closed. Africa is a continent afflicted by poverty, disease, illiteracy and underdevelopment. Adding the current high level of insecurity to these huge problems costs a lot in terms of financial and human resources.

A GLOBAL PHENOMENON THAT HAS OBTRUDED ITSELF IN AFRICA: More than ever before, governments and people all over the world have become vigilant and are searching for enduring solutions.Given the increasing and alarming incidents of condemnable  vices and unusual occurrences of broken homes and acts of all forms of violence, there is a compelling need for intervention through a collaborative approach by people who have responsibility for parenting, organizations with parental responsibilities like places of religious worship, civil society organizations, the civil society itself, and governments that must create the enabling environment.

COLLABORATION: There is perhaps no stronger method of combating the menace by the audience described in the foregoing to be more committed to the development of the growing ones. Preventive steps like forging the future of children from birth by the society would certainly assist, more than reactive options. The society should anticipate developments and prevent social and criminal crises before they occur. It is not the duty of security agencies alone but a common task if solutions are to be found before too long. Former UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan in his Centennial Nobel Peace Prize Award speech noted that: ” New threats make no distinction between races, nations or regions.”A new insecurity has entered every mind, regardless of wealth or status.  ”A deeper awareness of the bonds that bind us all — in pain as in prosperity — has gripped young and old”. It is for this reason, among others, that stakeholders must come together frequently for talks about addressing to the scourge of terror. This is beyond politics, and it is beyond any particular race or region. It is a disturbing trend that could only be tackled collectively.

PARENTAL ROLES: Parents have the greatest role to play in collaboration with government and organizations with parental responsibilities. There is evidently a strong need for policy redirection for those responsible for growing the younger ones at the family, societal and global levels. Commitments of timely engagements with a view to preventing regrettable incidents from happening help tremendously. Those negative issues that are planted in the young ones could most certainly be prevented, if everybody identified in our campaign plays his/her role well. Our duties as parents start with moulding character so that we don’t engage in de-radicalization later in life.

Our roles as organizations with parental responsibilities include paying proper attention to the development of those young ones put in our care.  Children at impressionable ages internalize occurrences easily, and are prone to misleading attitudes and cultures. But we must also look beyond those identified above. President Bill Clinton (2011) once submitted that: We live in the most interdependent age in history.” Clinton continues: ‘’People are most likely to be affected beyond their borders, and their borders are increasingly open to both positive and negative crossings: ‘’Travellers, immigrants, money, goods, information, communication, and culture; disease, and trafficking in drugs etc’’

Other issues are the fact that the modern world is too unequal in incomes and access to jobs, health and education  at a time that the global community is witnessing ”rapid spreading of the financial crisis, economic insecurity, and political upheavals’’ It is a very very disturbing development at a time when small arms in circulation makes it possible for insurgents to fight back. It is not that our security agencies are weak given the accolades showered on them in international peacekeeping engagements (Police & Military) The sophistication of arms and ammunition that found their way into West Africa from the Maghreb region calls for concern.

OUR ROLES AS CIVIL SOCIETY: We are part of a nation that is the most populous black country in the world with a population of about 200 million. Apart from managing our own problems, we have the responsibility for monitoring the sub-Saharan region, particularly West African nations if we must sleep with our two eyes closed. It is to be noted that Nigeria shoulders not only a heavy burden of doing well for the sake of Nigerians; but also the burden of our sub-region as well as the African continent.   This is why we all must assist security agencies by playing our roles. Nigeria’s preeminent role in sub-Saharan Africa makes it mandatory for it to show keen interest in the activities of member nations of the African Union. It is very easy to criticize. For instance, nobody reports unusual movements and nobody is interested in being friends with security agents. But these organizations require hints are information to perform creditably.

But what have we, the civil populace done by way of infusion of information to assist security agencies to ensure that they succeed in their onerous assignments? It is time for all of us to join hands to forge solutions to these problems that may persist unless the entire civil society admits that they have responsibilities to perform in ensuring that we have a peaceful and secure polity. And this involves reordering our activities to eliminate those issues that cause security breaches like display of affluence in the face of poverty, our inability to care for our neighbours in need, as well as distancing ourselves from security agencies that require timely hints.

STAKEHOLDERS: The impact of indecent conducts on youths has implications of changes in behaviour, morals and aspirations. Some unwholesome acts in the society influenced by over-exposure to foreign cultures are so pervasive; and their effects are hugely corrosive and anti-development. Unless adequate attention is accorded the need to attack indecent acts, our society may soon witness an unmanageable upsurge in social vices, as well as the erosion of our common virtues handed down by our progenitors. For viable solutions to emerge, stakeholders in the society must meet periodically to fashion solutions to security problems, particularly those areas of assistance that the civil society must render for us to enjoy peace.

If indeed ”A new insecurity has entered every mind, regardless of wealth or status” as asserted by Kofi Annan, we require more than ordinary attention and collaboration of the civil populace with security agencies to make the situation sane. This is not the time to situate blames because it wouldn’t help. Rather, it is the time for introspection and the coming together of stakeholders to evolve enduring solutions. A lot of public enlightenment campaign and true collaboration among the stakeholders are required. It is definitely not an easy task; but it is also not a mission that cannot be accomplished with proper understanding and cooperation.