Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Let me open by saying that the picture used to illustrate this topic – Pastor E.A. Adeboye is that of one of the meekest persons on earth today. And it becomes imperative because a large part of the message derives from past admonitions of the man of God. This message was part of my piece posted this morning. I came back home late afternoon to reflect on the message again; with some feelings for me to expand the subject under our COUPLES & FAMILIES OF VALUES agenda for the target audience to comprehend. Before you read meanings into this, let me assert that I am a naturally quiet person, brought up by parents of very high integrity who were extremely humble and humane; to be unassuming and to shun all acts of vanity. In the top public offices that it pleased God to locate me over the years, I have always recognized the grace and majesty of God, and never behaved like I was more empowered than a clerical officer. If I have ever boasted at all, it is in the name of the Most High God Who makes everything possible. Thank God for people in positions of power. But position and power have really NEVER meant NOTHING to me; and with every humility,  I say that I can never be carried away by any position of influence and power. People must talk; but let your conscience be clear and be your guide. POWER AS AN INTOXICANT: To the glory of God, I have seen it to some extent in life. I guessed the Holy Spirit wants me to do an expose on this subject. Knowing God, it could be for the consumption of only one personality that may even not be resident in Nigeria. The important thing is that I have done my bit. But you could also key into this message that I believe is divine. There is nothing we have been or accomplished that nobody has the grace to accomplish or attain that height. Only God makes things possible. So, why the pride? Know, therefore, that power is ephemeral and flows from the grace of God. Pride provokes Satan to lead and to rob God of His glory.  It can and does distort your perception of reality of the proud and arrogant personality. Power is very intoxicating. It takes the grace of God for anybody occupying a…

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