Home Article The dynamics of COVID-19 interventions —— By: abiodun Komolafe

The dynamics of COVID-19 interventions —— By: abiodun Komolafe


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The world is passing through hard times and all eyes can see it! Like a trainee actor, waiting for a superstar to mentor him to stardom, coronavirus disease, aka COVID-19, is threatening to run the people out of their minds; and it is as if the gods are angry! At the last count, no fewer than 318 Nigerians have become infected with this invisible, global enemy; with 7 deaths recorded. In all, more than 1,607,912 people have been infected globally; and, fatalities in Italy alone have exceeded 18,270. Findings have revealed that, while vaccines are available for other pandemics like Influenza, HIV/AIDS and Cholera, there is no known drug, yet, for cure; or vaccines against COVID-19. Amid this ugly reality, Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State deserves commendation for providing “outstandingly exemplary leadership.” Let me also confess that, considering the level of preparedness for a pandemic of this magnitude, Governor Gboyega Oyetola’s timely response in Osun is also like a stitch in time that saves nine. Not unexpectedly, the reality of the emergence of COVID-19 at the shores of Nigeria has shredded into tatters the vaguest claim, or the faintest semblance of a truly sovereign state. Its ravaging powers have also revealed an abominable illusion upon which her political leadership premises the mischievous and ambivalent working paradigm with which her system is being run. For a very long time, diverse calls and demands for funding of academic research in our universities by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) have fallen on deaf ears. The thinking of successive-but-uninformed administrations and a section of the society is that university teachers are always asking for higher and juicy salaries through industrial actions and schools’ shutdown! Yet, it is not always a problem for politicians to sinfully make a fortune; and for hangers-on in the corridors of power to scandalously make billions of naira out of contracts that are sometimes never executed. Now that COVID-19 has come, and everybody now knows that it is unwise to grab political power without knowing what to do with it, maybe this would serve as a lesson to Nigerians, including those who would not bat an eye selling their birthrights for a morsel of porridge. Now, that we are in a dilemma, can all these emergency contractors come and help us fight the pandemic Now that we are stuck, isn’t it time Nigeria started focusing on how…

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