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At TERRIFIC INVESTMENT & CONSULTING (TI&C), we construct and sustain formidable functional and collaborative cooperation with individuals and corporate organizations that seek our services. Thus, we offer our expertise and cooperation.  Terrific Investments & Consulting has its base in Nigeria, the most populous African nation in the world with an estimated population of 170 million. Nigeria is the largest country in Africa, and has one-sixth of the population of black people in the world.  It is highly remarkable that the country is endowed with the basic human capital required to drive real growth and development.

OUR EXPERTISE: TERRIFIC INVESTMENT & CONSULTING TI&C is a Nigerian firm based in Abuja, capital city of the Federal Republic on Nigeria. It is a limited liability company registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, Abuja, Nigeria. It is also registered by the Nigerian Exports Promotions Council, and has the mandate to carry out export and import business activities. Members of our team have demonstrable experiences in the under-listed areas in which they have been able to acquire a rich blend of knowledge and maturity.

It is licensed to undertake the following activities:

  • Investment and Trade Promotions
  • Consultancy Services
  • Book Publishing & Marketing
  • Immigration and Travel Advisory Services
  • Exports and Imports
  • Oil and Gas
  • Hospitality and Hotel Management
  • Governmental Affairs Consultancies
  • Media Consultancies
  • Training Consultancies
  • Estate Development/Management
  • Oil and Gas
  • General Trade
  • Manufacturers Representatives

Nigeria’s abundant solid minerals deposits and the vast Agriculture sub-sector have remained largely untapped for decades.  A critical appraisal of the economic situation indicates that Governments at the three tiers in the country are engaged in the diversification of the economy to reduce over-dependence on crude oil exports.   Governments are strengthening operations and investments in agriculture, power/renewable energy, mining, culture and tourism, as well as small and medium scale industrial and agro-allied sectors. The programme of privatization has been designed to disengage government from direct involvement in business. In this connection, Government’s diversification agenda emphasizes the development of infrastructure, the agriculture and solid minerals sectors.  As a purely agrarian society, the country places emphasis on the development of mechanized agriculture. In an attempt to boost food production, Government has continued to encourage large scale and irrigation farming, to ensure an all-the-year round yield, with the intention of turning Nigeria into a reputable global food basket.

Far-reaching reforms directed at sanitizing several sectors of the economy are being introduced. The country’s economic policy supports a private sector driven economy under which the role of Government is limited to that of a facilitator through the creation of an enabling environment. Evidently, Nigeria’s quest for speedy economic recovery is being pursued through sheer commitment, dedication and patriotism, as exhibited in the past by leading industrialized nations of the world, and emerging economies in the Far East. The economy of Nigeria is undoubtedly the engine of the economy of West Africa and even beyond. New trading patterns are evolving, resulting in the formation of various blocs. Given the demands of a fluid and dynamic world, Nigeria has introduced a clear and coherent policy of visioning and long-range planning which is a pre-requisite for social and economic progress.

Nigeria is the leading producer of crude oil in Africa and agriculture remains the backbone of its national economy.  It is the 8th largest oil producer and has the 6th largest deposit of gas. There are 34 solid minerals, 44 exportable commodities; and vast arable land.  In addition, the private sector is recognized as the engine of economic growth. It is the executor, investor, and manager of business. The government is playing the role of enabler, facilitator, and regulator, helping the private sector grow, create jobs, and generate wealth.  Deregulation and liberalization have diminished government control and attract private sector investments. Nigerian government’s policy aims at restructuring the government to make it smaller, stronger, better skilled, and more efficient at delivering essential services. It seeks to transform the government to an institution that spurs development and serves the people. Your decision to invest in NIGERIA is a wise one because the country offers the following significant advantages to potential investors:

  • The market and potentials for economic activities are tremendous
  • Enormous human and material resources abound in NIGERIA. Most of these resources are yet to be fully exploited.
  • NIGERIA constitutes a significant part of the expansive West African market, which stretches into the African region.
  • NIGERIA has created a conducive business and industrial environment by putting in place, policies and programmes that guarantee a free market economy.
  • The private sector in NIGERIA is dynamic and has assumed greater responsibilities under the industrial policy of the State, which makes the sector the principal engine of economic development.
  • A non-discriminatory policy with respect to local and foreign investors is in place with both groups enjoying adequate government protection and incentives.
  • Exchange control regulations in Nigeria have been liberalized in order to ensure free flow of international finance. There is now an unhindered movement of investment capital.
  • There is a well-developed banking and financial sector. Credit facilities are easily accessible by investors.
  • Skilled labour is abundant at an economic cost. This leads to low costs of production.
  • NIGERIA is engaged in massive physical and industrial infrastructure in terms of efficient transportation, communication, electricity, water supply and service industry.
  • There are great opportunities of capturing the whole of the African market, utilizing Nigeria as the hub/base of business activities.
  • NIGERIANS are warm, hospitable and highly accommodating.

The President/CEO,
Femi Adelegan,
has rich practical and theoretical experiences in projects management, investments facilitation, trade promotions and linkages with prospective investors in different parts of the world. A time-tested bureaucrat and information manager, the CEO’s technocratic instincts kept him within the precincts of power for several years, during which he made solid and useful contacts locally and abroad. For most of the 1990s through the turn of the millennium, (1994-2000) Adelegan, a publicist, public administrator and writer, walked around the corridors of power as an image manager and spokesman to four consecutive governors of Osun State in Nigeria. He also previously served (2003-2010) as Chief Private Secretary/Special Adviser on Policies, Programmes and Plans Implementation to the governor of Osun State, Nigeria. In this capacity, he managed government’s trade promotions and investments desk. At various times, (2008-2012) Femi Adelegan served as a member of Nigerian Government’s official delegations to the General Conference and Executive Board sessions of UNESCO in France, and was on Nigerian Presidential delegations to the United States, Peoples Republic of China, Vietnam (2006) and the G-20 summit in Canada (2010). He also attended the 41st session of the United Nations General Assembly held in New York, United States in 1986.


  • An active participant (May 29,2003-November 26, 2010) in the process of economic development of Osun State, Nigeria through the Public-Private Sector approach and part of the team that drove an aggressive investment promotions drive.
  • Was at various times on the Government’s trade promotions trips to Brazil, Germany, Australia, Peoples’ Republic of China, United Kingdom, Turkey, Cuba and the United States. Was part of the team that handled the processing and paperwork leading to the establishment of the Livingspring Minerals Promotions Company and the Livingspring Free Trade Zone, Osogbo
  • An active participant in the planning and establishment of the Centre for Black Culture and International Understanding, Osogbo; an organization affiliated to UNESCO. Was appointed pioneer Secretary of the Board of Trustees of the organization.
  • A Key Participant in the organization and staging of the First Global Conference of Black Nationalities held in Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria; August 2010
  • A key participant (up till November 26, 2010) in the planning for the hosting of the World Summit of Mayors  held in Osogbo, Osun State, in 2011.


  • An active participant in the establishment of the Livingspring Minerals (Mining) Promotions Company Ltd, Osogbo, Nigeria
  • An active participant in the establishment of the Livingspring Free Trade Zone, Osogbo, Nigeria
  • Participated actively in the economic development of Osun State, Nigeria from 2003 to 2010
  • Part of the Nigerian President’s Official Delegation to the United States, Peoples Republic of China and Vietnam; 2006
  • Part of the Nigerian President’s Official Delegation to the G20 Summit held in Canada in 2010


  • Attended the 41st Session of the United Nations General Assembly at the United Nation’s Headquarters,  New-York, 1986.
  • Was part of the Osun State delegation to an Agricultural exhibition held in Atlanta, Georgia, January, 2004.
  • Part of Osun State Government’s Trade Delegation to Brazil, January 2004.
  • Attended the 8th China International Fair for Investment and Trade, held at Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Centre, (XICEC) Xiamen, 8 – 11 September, 2004
  • Part of Nigeria’s Official Delegation to the 29th Session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee (WHC) meeting held in Durban, South Africa, July 10 to 17, 2005.
  • Attended the first Nigeria-Asia Business Forum held in Shanghai, Peoples Republic of China, 2005
  • Field Visits of China’s Special Economic Zones, Peoples Republic of China; 2005
  • Active Participation at the 2nd-6th Sino- Nigeria Business and Investment Fora, China; 2004-2008
  • Part of the Osun State Government’s delegation to the Joint Investments Forum organized by the Western Australian Chamber of Commerce and the Nigeria High Commission, Australia; Perth, Western-Australia; 30th August-4th September, 2005
  • Attended the Year 2006 Agritech Exhibition in Tel-Aviv, ISRAEL; May 7-11, 2006
  • Part of the Osun State Government’s official delegation to the First Nigerians In Diaspora Organization (NIDO) Day Conference, Abuja, Nigeria; 2006
  • Attended the Mines and Money Conference on Mining Opportunities held at Hilton Hotel, Paddington, London; November, 2006
  • Attended the Nigerians in Diaspora Conference in Toronto, Canada; January 18-20, 2007.
  • Part of Nigeria’s official delegation to the 34th Session of the General Conference of UNESCO held at UNESCO headquarters, Paris; 16 October to 3 November, 2007
  • Attended the 180th Session of the Executive Board of UNESCO held at UNESCO Headquarters, Paris; Sept 30-October 21, 2008
  • Participated in the year 2009 edition of the National Conference of Black Mayors (NCBM); 35th Annual Convention, October 21-25, 2009; Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
  • Was part of the First Nigeria-China Business and Investment Forum held in Abuja, Nigeria; 9th – 11th November, 2010
  • Was part of the Nigerian Government’s Delegation to the 36th Session of the General Conference of UNESCO held in Paris, France; October 24-November 9, 2011