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Terrific Headlines to engage organizations with parental responsibilities in campaign against Insecurity, Social & Criminal Ills


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Terrific Headlines and associate channels is to engage the organisations with parental responsibilities as part of its activities designed to promote short and long-term solutions to issues of insecurity, and social and criminal activities in the country.

The development comes at a period that the United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres has encouraged women led by his deputy, Ms. Amina J. Mohammed to take the driver’s seat in the global campaign against Coronavirus and insecurity that have emerged global concerns. Briefing the UN Security-Council last November 3, Amina Mohammed asserted that:‘’The drivers of conflict are not static: they change, and evolve. Building and sustaining peace requires addressing these root causes as they develop and interact with each other, including the emerging threats posed by the pandemic.


There are other issues requiring public enlightenment in the barracks communities.  In some parts of the world, Climate Change is draining away hope and risks creating a generation of disaffected young people, vulnerable to exploitation by extremists of all kinds. The structured campaign plan takes cognisanze of the need to sensitize all Nigerians to rise up to the occasion and adopt measures that would guarantee preventive actions by the target audience; while also confronting the scourge of insecurity, criminal conducts, and social vices headlong. It is working towards full sensitization of the citizenry to ward off the corrosive effects of modernization has brought along with it the erosion of values, cultures and traditions. The advocacy campaign is being prosecuted through eleven (11) online communication channels with global reach.

ALL NIGERIANS MUST BE INVOLVED: The campaign preaches the need for everyone that has some basic functions to perform in influencing development, to rise up to these challenges that have assumed frightening dimensions globally.  A statement by the organizers reveals that the lack of family values and virtues, form part of the root causes of vices that have almost become an obsession. Given the increasing and alarming incidents of condemnable vices and unusual negative occurrences  there is a compelling need for intervention through a collaborative approach by the target audience  in order to make Nigeria a better place to live in. Going further, the statement added that: ‘’It is better for a damage not to occur at all, than to go into crises management. The reactive approach is more costly in terms of damages done, more expensive in terms of finances injected, and takes a longer while for the crises to be combated successfully.


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