Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Some stories that are recorded in SUNDAY TONIC emphasize the fact that apart from praying for their children, parents could also pray to God for their generations yet unborn. Conversely, parents could attract negative consequences for their children and coming generations. Joel Austen once remarked that: ‘’If you make the mistake of constantly speaking negative words over your children, you are cursing their future. Moreover, God will hold you responsible for destroying their destiny. With authority comes responsibility, and you have the responsibility as the spiritual authority over your child to make sure that he or she feels loved, accepted, and approved. You have the responsibility to bless your children.’’ The blessings we enjoy today are the products of the sincerity of Father Abraham who so much enjoyed the favour of God that God never did anything without carrying him along. The same blessings that were available to Father Abraham are also available to humanity, regarded as his seeds. For instance, God blessed Biblical Isaac because of Abraham. In essence, you could pray, and attract blessings for even your generations unborn. We must also be careful because curses and hardships are also transferable to generations yet unborn. God has moved in a miraculous manner to position Nigerian pastors locally and internationally for a serious work in His vineyard, comparatively because the Patriarchs served the Lord faithfully, and sowed in tears prayers, fasting and constant intercessions. The fire of revival in Nigeria has continued to glow intensely and aggressively, even as the rapture approaches. Such is the intensity and vibrant nature of the service rendered in God’s vineyard by priests of Nigerian origin, such that many have claimed that God has chosen and positioned Nigeria strategically for the second coming of Christ. Of note is Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo’s declaration that the waves of revivals in Nigeria could be clearly divided into three parts: “The revivals of the 1930s engineered by the ‘Aladura Churches’ and which brought about salvation and spontaneous explosion of Christianity; the end of Nigeria’s civil war in 1970 which he said gave birth to the ‘born-again generation’ and increased tracts distribution and the latter part of the 1970s, which opened the doors to Word of Faith and Christian publications of renowned servants of God like Kenneth E.Hagins, Billy Graham, TL Osborne, Gordon Lindsay, and Kenneth Copeland; accompanied by preachings of practicalities of Pentecostal beliefs. These beliefs radically changed…

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