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Todays message is from BY PASTOR WF KUMUYI, an apostle of holiness and consecration. First, an excerpt from one of his teachings that portrays his divine mandate: “There are no theatrics in our churchbecause from my background, I dont like anything that is turned into a show or drama. Some pastors like the drama rather than the results. I want the results rather than the drama. I have also looked at the Ministry of Jesus Christ and I want to as much as possible follow the Ministry of Jesus Christ. So in the interaction and relationship with people, and the life I live, I want it to be the life of Christ. I want the Jesus type of ministry. I dont want anything fake. (Pastor WF Kumuyi, General Superintendent, Deeper Life Bible Church) PONDER ON THESE! The Lord grants us the experience of salvation through His Sacrifice and then He gives us the example of servant hood for our acceptable service. True humility leads to confession and conversion, and then Christlike humility will lead us to consecration and condescension. Pastor sW.F Kumuyi. Reflection Waiting to obey Christ until we understand all His actions and commandments only reveals lack of consecration, sanctification, circumcision of heart, honour for Christ, humble exaltation of Christ, crucifixion of self, total freedssom from depravity, and heavenly-mindedness. Pastor W.F Kumuyi. Words on the Marble The carnal pretenders in religion will give partial obedience to Gods word. Those who are truly converted and consecrated to Christ obey in all things without pretense or counting any of Gods word as unimportant. Pastor W.F Kumuyi. THE CONDESCENSION AND WILLING SERVANTHOOD OF THE MASTER The Lord Jesus humbled Himself and we are to do same. Then there will be no pride in our midst, families, house fellowships, local communities and the whole church in Jesus Name. When you humble yourself you lose nothing, but rather gain much more. (Philippians 2:9-11; Matthew 23:12).bSalvation is very essential; it is the number one thing. You cannot be humble according to the pattern of Christ without the enabling grace of salvation. You must be born again to be truly humble. These disciples whose feet Christ washed were born again with their names written in heaven. They were separated from the world and belonged to God. Their sins had been forgiven, they were different from the world. (Luke 10:17,20; John 14:17; 17:8-10,14-16). having loved his own…

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