Wednesday, June 16, 2021
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TERRIFIC HEADLINES is a non-partisan, non-political organization that operates purely as a professional and ethically responsible information outfit; with associated online communication channels with wide global reach. Our Blog automatically translates posts into Yoruba, Hausa & Igbo and several foreign languages, mainly — French, German, Arabic, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Russian,  &  Italian

.For over about four  (4) years, TERRIFIC HEADLINES and associate channels of communication have reached you with very interesting publications at no cost. We have been solely responsible for financing and operating this network, including our channels that address very critical issues pertaining to family values and virtues that are in the national interest.  Readers and visitors to our websites could easily access over one thousand (1,000) publications on contemporary issues. We are glad to note that we attend to several individuals, researchers and educational institutions across the world.

The Whole World Is Our Constituency and our services, guided by professionalism, ethical standards and best global practices,  In order to serve our loyal readers better and continue to operate our communication channels with wide reach independently, we have decided to request for SUBSCRIPTIONS for readers wishing to continue to read our products. We believe we must carry our readers along as a matter of courtesy. Out technical team is currently working on our channels to perfect all arrangements. This will be through in the next few days. When completed, the new arrangement also makes it possible for willing donors to support our objectives through donations through our websites: &  www. It is also possible to purchase our book publications on GOOD GOVERNANCE through our E-Commerce websites,

WE PROMISE THAT WE WILL CONTINUE TO ENSURE THAT: Our publications that are of international standards are always in good faith, and for future generations, in recognition of virtues and values that are worth reading and recording for posterity.


WHAT WE OFFER: We offer our services in the area of policy development, mass media, and the following:

  • Reputation management, advertising, marketing, publishing, and consultancies in diverse fields
  • Book publishing, investment promotion, travel advisory services and government affairs
  • Professional trainings and conferences
  • REACH: We are read in all parts of the world, particularly in Nigerian and African Diaspora. We also regulate our coverage areas as may be dictated by our
  • AUDIENCE: Specifically, we target locations with large concentration of Nigerians locally and abroad. We also target West African nations, Africa & African Diaspora; and the rest of the world.

ADVANTAGES: Our social media channels are read all over the world because we publish information that attract readers every day.  Our audience runs into millions of people considering the multiplier effects of our posts/information fed into communicative channels that are linked to other social media networks.

WE PROMOTE SOCIO- ECONOMIC & POLITICAL DEVELOPMENT: We feature series of educative, entertaining and socio-political and economic developments directed at inviting attention and influencing positive developments through our channels:

  • Promote good governance and democracy, and national development
  • Promote peace and activities that discourage insecurity and all forms of violence
  • Promote Trade & Investment, particularly NIGERIA MADE PRODUCTS & SERVICES


  • Provision of opportunity for interactions and communicative feedback. We influencing the government and the citizenry for improvements and better standards of living and conducts
  • Sensitization and advocacy activities
  • Provide a platform of interaction among public and private sector operatives for economic development
  • Encourage accountability, transparency and other ingredients of good governance.


  • We have the requisite experience and are relevantly exposed. We also have a very wide reach and are reaching the Nigerian Diaspora, the African Diaspora, prospective investors, and all parts of the world in different languages.
  • We target the right audience

INTERVENTIONS: We engage the citizenry more and get them to contribute more meaningfully and patriotically to national and international development. Our social intervention campaign strategies suggest preventive, rather than reactive strategies.

FINANCIAL IMPLICATION – IT IS COST WISE TO ENGAGE US Our rates are very reasonable and negotiable based on volume of requests by our CLIENTS. Our very wide reach on a global scale, huge traffic on our communications channels and opportunity for automatic translation of our posts into foreign languages are very clear advantages.

RETURN ON INVESTMENT:  We are sure of commensurate rewards for sponsorships/collaboration/support through publicity/branding and public relations activities as provided on our channels.

COMPETENCIES: We are relevantly exposed and experienced.  We are committed to the provision of formidable, excellent, highly competitive and functional professional services.

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