Sunday, March 7, 2021
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We have pretended for too long, since the birth of the current democratic dispensation in 1999 that our democracy is growing. The hard fact which we must honestly accept as of paramount importance in the Nigerian experiment, especially for the future, is our pattern of democratic transition that is bedeviled by several negative forces. A highly visible pitfall is the feverish urge of the populace to be part of the political leadership. It is suspected that the rush has been influenced largely by the remuneration attached to political offices, as well as other perquisites of office which have made politics to be the most lucrative vocation in Nigeria today. The development has brought along with it highly condemnable acts of political brigandage and other heinous crimes. And we have as many as 91 political space, a development that has widened the political space.  Former Justice of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, the Hon Justice Niki Tobi (now deceased) once alerted that: ”“the way politics is played in this country frightens me every dawning day. ”It is a fight to finish affair. ”Nobody accepts defeat at the polls.”  This view was complemented by former Chief Justice of Nigeria, the Hon. Justice Muhammadu Lawal Uwais, who has pointed out that the mindsets of Nigerians on democratic contests are largely irrational.” The ”cash and carry” politics, for which the masses now mortgage their rights and future, upon receiving miserable amounts to sell their votes is rather disturbing and shameful.  If the truth must be told, we have indeed gotten to a crossroads in the arena of political transition, with the relative ease with which all political parties now perfect the art of rigging or winning elections at all costs.  We must steer back the ship of state along that course on the basis of which our country was founded. TERRIFIC HEADLINES –  SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY In line with our policy of promoting social responsibility and supporting moves that could evolve an enduring democratic culture, TERRIFIC HEADLINES will publish regularly, some salient issues and facts as public enlightenment part of our public enlightenment obligation in public and national interest,  to complement the efforts of INEC. Those developments may be amusing; but they pose great danger to the future of the younger generation who are born into the politics of military rule and the current politics of the fourth republic DON’T COLLECT MONEY – INEC WARNS Today,…

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