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“A politician thinks of the next election; a statesman thinks of the next generation.” — James Freeman Clarke Leadership is a most difficult assignment that tasks the ingenuity of people engaged in top influential positions in practically all spheres of life. Leaders, particularly in politics are exposed to all manner of maneuvers that affect their performances. Wherever truth and sincerity, added to application of conscience are the guiding principles, there is every possibility that the leader would succeed. Conversely, wherever people thrive in intrigues and the basest of sentiments, acting without conscience, a leader might fail disastrously. Human beings are so complex that even God is reported in Genesis 6:6 that: ‘’The LORD regretted that he had made human beings on the earth, and his heart was deeply troubled’’ Politics is played in all human settings, even in family units that constitute a microscopic unit of the society. One of the most slippery grounds could be found in corporate and political governance, because of the complex nature of human beings. Sycophants abound everywhere. It is recorded in the book titled: ‘MACBETH’, one of the works of William Shakespeare that ‘’There is no art to find the mind’s construction in the face’’ which explains why so many betrayals occur, especially arising from political ambitions of those who seek power for its own sake. Leaders usually have difficulties in taking decisions as a result of too many choices and solicited and unsolicited information at their disposal. People will advise constructively and genuinely; and conversely, people will misadvise based on some considerations like disaffection, selfishness, envy, power play, and even possession by evil spirit. The inability of those in leadership positions to take rational decisions without recourse to some extraneous stimuli has been one of the banes of good governance. There is also the factor of breaking away from the subtle control of powerful forces that may wish to subtly attempt to influence conduct of government business. POLITICS IS NOT A DIRTY GAME: Politics covers a broad spectrum of activities and phenomena. Politics occurs in every human society and is played consciously or sub-consciously by everybody, even in family units, where close relationships are maintained and decisions have to be taken individually or collectively. Politics, according to Wikipedia is a Greek word whose meaning, as ascribed to Aristotle: is ‘’the process of making uniform decisions applying to all members of a group. ‘’It also…

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