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Not too long ago, we commenced the series with the above title and featured great Nigerians with intimidating credentials like late Prof. Adebayo Adedeji and Prof. Akin Mabogunje. Our intention is to generate the feelings of empathy in readers, particularly the young ones and challenge them to aim for the highest heights possible. If people could attain enviable heights when Western educational opportunities and technology were not as rosy as what we have today, there is no reason why the young ones should not develop themselves. Today, our focus is on another segment of the society, from where we have picked a visual artiste who against all odds, has emerged a success through the discovery of his skills and talents. We are all blessed with diverse skills and talents; but many fail to discover these through sheer carelessness. If only we could pay particular attention to individuals helping themselves, there would have been no need for those dangerous trips by illegal migrants seeking fortune in Europe and the United States.   A little over 60 years ago, Chief Muraina Oyelami, was a nobody; who roamed the streets of what later became Osun State. From all indications, over six decades ago, the future had no hope for a teenager who looked for ways of survival. He has since emerged an international star as a master painter a great performing artist in music and theatre. The Creator is a Perfect Arranger. Prof. Ulli Beier and his wife, Georgina Beier arrived in Nigeria about that period when Oyelami was a teenager to perform the role of helper of destiny in the life of this   famous artiste, who was brought up as one of the ‘Oshogbo Art Movement’ initiated by Professor Ulli Beier and his wife Georgina Beier. DESTINY HELPER: Ulli & Georgina Beier also discovered other talents. These include Jimoh Buraimoh was known for his mosaic compositions made with local beads, potsherds, or stones; painter Yinka Adeyemi, Yekini Folurunsho, late Asiru Olatunde, Rufus Ogundele, and late UNESCO Artiste for Peace,  Taiwo Olaniyi (aka Twin Seven-Seven) Georgina ran art workshops from which notable names in the art community emerged. Beier found a prominent dramatist, Duro Ladipo useful and worked with him to create popular Yoruba folk operas: Oba Koso and Oba Waja. It was such a successful effort such that they were featured at the 1965 Commonwealth Arts Festival. Muraina started his career as an artist in 1964, and has progressively made…

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