THE PART TO PLAY……NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE — SERVICE-DRIVEN LIFE OF A FIRST REPUBLIC NIGERIAN POLITICIAN ….. Author Shadrach Adelegan’s nonfiction book: The Part to Play’ …. brings a lifetime of experiences to topic.


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At the House of Commons, London for the 1965 Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference. Queen Elizabeth is 9th from the left; and author 7th from the left. Samuel Lana is next of to the left of the Queen. NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE www.shop.terrificinvestment.com, THE PART TO PLAY – The autobiography of a Nigerian First Republic politician, humanist, patriot, educator, and statesman HOW WE PROTESTED IAN SMITH’S UNILATERAL DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE IN RHODESIA (South-Africa) — At the 1965 Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference Held in London – It was Hon. Samuel Lana (later Olubadan of Ibadan, then Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister)  who first raised the issue of Ian Smith’s as a matter of urgent public importance, if Britain could not see it as such.  When we came back from recess, this matter generated some heat on the floor of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Meeting that day. Lana’s argument was that, as a subject of the Queen, Ian Smith needed to be sanctioned for the Unilateral l Declaration of Independence in Rhodesia (now South-Africa)  He had caused a problem for the Queen, a big one for that matter. Speaking in line with Lana, but in a roaring voice, I condemned Ian Smith,  adding that it was not really his fault.  It was because he thought his people would support him to trample the Blacks under his feet.  But they should realize that in due course, the Blacks would secure might to be able to face the cannon of Ian Smith and remove his yoke off their heads.  Our contribution sounded too harsh, to them. To them, mine was suggesting insurrection against the Queen. The hon. Members who attended the Parliamentary conference looked at us with disdain. Anyway, I had made my point known and I was not apologetic.  At the end of the conference, it was Samuel Lana who was requested to give a Vote of Thanks to the Queen. POST-EMERGENCY WESTERN REGION OF NIGERIA — 1963-1965 — HOW I LED THE WESTERN REGION OF NIGERIA HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY DISPASSIONATELY TRIBUTES TO SPEAKER PRO TEMPORE – WESTERN REGION LEGISLATURE – HANSARD OF APRIL 6, 1965       Chief The Hon. S.L. Akintola  – Premier — In spite of the short notice, you came to our rescue as an experienced Deputy Speaker who has been able to assimilate and acquire a great deal of practical knowledge. We are very much indebted to you for the successful completion of this…

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