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It is to be noted that clearly, something is wrong when everybody thinks the same way given the principles of objectivity, subjectivity, selective perception and retention; that combine to shape human image and thoughts. And for harmony to be witnessed perpetually, there must be unanimity of purpose, in line with Nelson Mandela’s statement that: ‘’A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.’’  Governance is not a tea party as it tasks the ability of people in power. It is easier to criticize than to make plans work down the line — first, second, and third line managers because it is impossible for bosses to be everywhere the same time. This is the reason why Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe,  on emerging the first Ceremonial President of the Federal Republic reacted this way: ‘’As in the past, I shall not have consideration for personal comforts or safety or even life itself; if these are the prizes that I must pay for leadership in order to preserve the freedom and unity of my country.’’ It is also for same reason that the ‘’buck stops here” an expression popularized by United States 33rd President Harry S. Truman applies down the line. Truman kept a sign with that phrase on his desk in the Oval Office.  The phrase reminded him of the notion that the President has to make the decisions and accept the ultimate responsibility for those decisions. Wisdom and good governance are some of the requirements for success in private and public sectors. Sheikh Muhammed Al-Ghazali al-Saqqa,, an Egyptian prolific writer  in one of his  publications asserted that: ’’Governance is a trust which everyone who chooses to accept would be questioned about. ‘To accept the responsibility to govern therefore is like accepting to bear the burden of everyone else on one’s head so that when others are resting, you are working and while they are sleeping you are watching and if anything goes wrong you will be held accountable even when you were not directly culpable.’’ Governance is not restricted to political governance. It is exercised directly and indirectly in both the public and private sectors, and even family units, in which the husband is the governor, and the wife is the deputy-governor.  It is for this reason that proponent   of good governance — Nelson Mandela is quoted as arguing that: “A good head and good heart are always a…

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