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REVD (DR) MIKE OYE ON SATURDAY ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE & HERBS  Last week, TERRIFIC HEADLINES focused on THE CITRUS FRUITS FAMILY and brought you a compilation by an expert in ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE, Revd (Dr) Mike Oyewho pointed out that it is very possible to live healthy without drugs through good diets, discipline, and adequate appropriation of nature. He asserted that whatever is natural is always better for human consumption than the synthetic alternatives. Unfortunately, so many gifted local alternative medical practitioners, who never went to any school but inherited the formula from their progenitors have died with their useful knowledge. As advocates of promoting home made products, TERRIFIC HEADLINES, this week brings you two plants and their medicinal benefits. They are CITRUS LIMON, that is efficacious for cutting FATS & OILS;and GRAPE FRUIT, a powerful anti-oxidant.As usual, we advise that you still contact experts in alternative medicine for the preparation of these useful items and their prescriptions. CITRUS LIMON FAMILY: RUTACEAE ENGLISH NAME: LEMON WEST AFRICAN NAMES NIGERIA: Hausa = Kokua SIERRA LEONE: Mende = Kandagome; Susu = muloroinye; Temme = A – limperi GHANA: Akan-Asante= Agwareansra. COTE D’IVOIRE: Kweni = gololowo. DESCRIPTION A small spiny tree 3-6 meters high. Health Benefits Lemon is a cleaner, purifier, rejuvenator and detoxifier, especially for the liver, because it helps in fat metabolism. High potassium and vitamin B content, coupled with astringent properties, makes the functions possible. Lemon juice is used mainly for its biochemical functions of cutting fats and oils Lemon-peel tea can be drunk after a meal as a digestive aid. Like other citruses, lemon contains calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus, but most of them are found in the white part of rind and in the pulp. Concoction from the roots is effective for gonorrhea. The leaves can be macerated to make a lotion rubbed over the body to promote sweating in fever. The fruit juice can be similarly used.   CITRUS PARADISH ENGLISH NAME: GRAPE FRUIT WEST AFRICAN NAMES: NIGERIA: Igala = Alemiba; Igbo = gerepu GHANA: Ga = Akutu Description A tree up to 15meters high, likely to be a breed between Citrus grandis and Citrus sinensis. The fruit has a mild bitterness. Health benefits It is used in many diets to reduce appetite and to help digestion and utilization of food. It is low in calories and consuming it probably burns as many calories as it contains. It is rich…

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