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Late Chief Shadrach Titus Adelegan, Deputy-Speaker, Western Region House of Assembly (1960-1965) educationist, B.A (London 1951) English, Latin & History, obtained from the University College, Ibadan, educationist, community leader, and politician, is still being remembered for his patriotic and selfless services to humanity in different capacities, and for his unquantifiable sense of humanism and patriotism. Adelegan combined the ingenuity of an educator with the humility and fellow-feeling of a well-bred Nigerian. Space will not permit his contributions to be fully accommodated here. Adelegan abandoned a lucrative public service career as Education Secretary in Ibadan in 1957, and turned his back to all the comforts of the city, and the prospects of a bright future to return to lpetu-Ijesha in 1957, to establish Ipetu-Ijesha Grammar School, at a period when no university graduate was willing to reside or work in lpetu-ljesha, a rural community in todays Oriade Local Government area of Osun State that then lacked all basic social services. In his autobiography: The Part To Play, Adelegan disclosed that he made huge personal sacrifices that affected the future and comfort of his family, so that children of other people in Ijeshaland and other places, could also acquire education and progress in life. Little wonder, many people, including Adelegans admirers often described him as an over-patriotic Nigerian. His children who speak so fondly about his contributions to national development say Adelegan has quietly made history as a silent hero and one of the greatest Nigerians that ever lived. Even when he helped people, he never told anybody; not even his children who later got to hear about humane gestures from the mouths of people you quietly helped. Born on May 19, 1921, (you disclosed in your autobiography that the date might be earlier but was adopted based on oral history, as done in those days) to a humble family of Pa. Joseph Fatusa, a carpenter, and Madam Esther Fatusa, an itinerant trader, late Chief Shadrach Titus Adelegan, politician, educationist, community leader, patriot and great humanist remained until his death, one of the few silent heroes in Nigeria, whose contributions to the development of man and the society remain eloquent testimonies to selfless service, hinged simply on humanitarian and patriotic considerations. Your decision to adopt your first name Adelegan as surname, instead of Fatusa was based on Christian ideals that you cherished. For the better part of the post-emergency Western region during…

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