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    REFLECTIONS — THE ROLE MODEL SERIES – SIMEON OLAOSEBIKAN ADEBO TERRIFIC HEADLINES’ is an online is a non-political, not partisan information outfit that deals largely with setting the agenda in motion for discourse for the common good and in national interest. We deal largely with advocacy, public enlightenment, and feedback activity designed to lift the spirit of Nigerians to higher levels of excellent and patriotic performances, as citizens’ collaborate with government to evolve more promising ways of constructing a ‘New Nigeria’ through commitment, dedication, patriotism, peaceful conducts and dialogue, as key ingredients of unity, peace, stability, and development. There are so many posers that call for reflections, particularly how those wonderful patriots of the pre and post colonial eras acted as if they were perfect. We are told that only God is perfect; but the way and manner these great Nigerians laid the foundation for a modern Nigeria confer on them the worthy description as patriots. Their achievements are worthy of emulation, if we must go forward. One of those personalities who have recorded their names on the positive pages of history is Chief Simeon Olaosebikan Adebo. Many civil servants might not have heard of, or remember the name: Simeon Olaosebikan Adebo and his peers – Jerome Udoji Head of the Civil Service of Eastern Region and their Northern region counterpart, Ali Akilu. These great Nigerians are noted for their professional conducts that guided the governments in which they served conscientiously, thereby aiding development. The official conducts of these great Nigerians are so remarkable that they challenge public office holders to strive for perfection. Some pertinent posers: Could these public administrators and politicians have succeeded immensely in the task of governance as a result of any magic wand? t Could they have been aided by some extraneous factors including loyalty to the nation and their constituents rather that loyalty to individuals or groups of individuals? What is happening to the present generation of Nigerians occupying coveted offices? Obafemi Awolowo’s  Inaugural Address as Chancellor of the University of Ife in 1967 answers in part these questions: “Whether we are conscious of, or acknowledge it or not, the fact remains stubborn and indestructible that poverty, disease, social unrest, and instability, and all kinds of international conflicts, have their origins in the minds of men … It is only when the minds of men have been properly and rigorously cultivated and garnished, that they…

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