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REFLECTIONS – IN SEARCH OF PEACE & PEACEFUL CONDUCTS — MEMORABLE QUOTES: At inception, one of our objectives, as a responsible and responsive organization was stated as the promotion of peace and peaceful conducts. We also promised to contribute our quota to the evolution a modern NIGERIA, within our God-given endowments, and promote active partnership of the citizenry with Government. With God helping us, we still stand committed to our objective of contributing to the advancement of Nigeria by managing this platform for exchange of ideas and representations. Let us agree that there is no society that is perfect. Even the foremost democracy, the United States has occasionally been enmeshed in controversies arising from flawed elections. However, citizens of those climes that we imitate have been able to at least enforce their fundamental human rights by choosing their leaders peacefully, putting their nation first, above all other considerations. Regrettably, democracy has been the greatest loser in the sad developments in our dear nation. If the truth must be told, we have indeed gotten to a crossroads in the arena of political transition with the relative ease with which all political parties now perfect the art of rigging or winning elections at all costs. Values, principles and goals of the electorate are now different from those that have historically shaped electoral decision-making from the ward to local government, up the strata to the topmost level of government. The popular saying now is: ‘’What have you brought for me before campaigning’’?  SHAMEFUL!  INTERCESSION – WE CONSTITUTE ROUGH EDGES PUNISHING OUR SPIRITUAL LEADERS: God has been too kind to us. We have spiritual fathers and leaders who have consistently interceded for our nation. I believe and suspect, that by our actions that are disturbing, we have forced them back into their prayer closets, to ‘’punish’’ them again by pleading with God on our behalf. The Abdulsalami Abubakar Committee of Peace definitely has a huge work on its hands. Has it ever occurred to us in the elite and political groups that if we conduct ourselves illegally, we would build weak structures for younger elements who will take over from us? Will all who come out to participate in the coming election or are at the background respect laws guiding electoral contests? Posterity is waiting to judge all of us, for our individual and collective roles in our attempts to build a greater Nigeria.  If…

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