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OUR STARS FOR 2018 —  ‘’If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?’’ Psalm 11:3

At inception, in 2017, we put God first. We committed our organization and ourselves to offering purely ethical professional services that guarantee formidable, excellent, and highly functional services. We assured our loyal readers, friends, well-wishers and business associates that our publications that are of international standards would always be in good faith, and for future generations, in recognition of virtues and values that are worth reading and recording for posterity. It is for these, and other salient reasons that we have paid particular attention to our social responsibility obligation. In this edition, we commence publishing stories about Nigeria and those Nigerians whose conducts have earned them the acknowledgment of TERRIFIC HEADLINES, and therefore, enter our HALL OF FAME. Obviously, they are lessons to learn from our compilation on our recognition that has been done to exclude politicians in order to protect our INTEGRITY as a non-partisan and non-political outfit with a mission and vision. For two days, we shall unfold the names of our recognized personalities, and what they have done to justify the recognition.


NIGERIANS IN THE DIASPORA: RESILIENCE & INGENUITY: I am an incredible optimist in the Nigeria project, with a very strong belief that Nigeria will be great if we all work towards attaining projected heights.  An assertion by Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th president of the United States who made his mark as an author, explorer, soldier, naturalist, and reformer once submitted that: “It is not the critic who counts, nor the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. ‘’The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs, and comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who shows the great enthusiasm, the great devotion; who spends himself in a worthy cause, who at the best hours in the end the triumphs of high achievements and who, at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with cold and timid souls, who know neither victory nor defeat.”

Nigerians are no timid or lazy people. The foregoing is a prelude to the recognition accorded Nigerians in the Diaspora for their resilience and ingenuity. They are also celebrated for being high grade professionals abroad and for contributing immensely to the economic development of Nigeria through huge remittances of funds into their dear country. No fewer than 17 million Nigerians reside abroad, among them, thousands of professionals in diverse fields, who are regarded as world class professionals.  A World Bank Report indicates that Nigerians in Diaspora repatriated US$ 22bn in 2017 alone. Many of these great Nigerians are wonderful patriots who at different times honoured clarion calls to help fix Nigeria. They are implored not to lose hope, but believe that the situation in the country could be turned around.

REASONS FOR Skepticism: Why are Nigerians in the Diaspora skeptical and how can they assist their motherland?  Very simple. People need to choose their representatives in Government whom they could entrust with the task of shaping their lives and future of the nation. They must also participate indirectly by asking questions for the purpose of accountability. Failure to participate in the democratic process, or ‘’standing on the fence’’ would evidently have severe repercussions. Complaints about poor health care, poor education, dearth of infrastructure, and high rate of unemployment that made Nigerians troop out to seek greener pastures abroad could be conquered collectively and through our individual inputs. Nigerians in the Diaspora could influence the course of events as breadwinners for millions of families by getting familiar with occurrences at home to be able to encourage and influence their relations back home. Please educate your people back home that politics is not about violence, maiming and killings; but about service to the people through logical reasoning, dialogues, debates, and superior arguments. Until we eliminate problems of chronic poverty, poor political strategies, and the imbalance in gap between the rich and the poor, our problem will remain with us.

DISCOURAGE ILLEGAL MIGRATION: The President of the African Development Bank and winner of the Year 2017 Norman E. Borlaug World Food Prize; Dr. Akinwumi Adesina has pointed out that the billions being anticipated to be earned in foreign countries by Nigerian youths, who plan to emigrate illegally are actually on the farmlands in Africa.. Adesina says the African Development Bank is investing $24bn in the agriculture sector and agribusiness over the next 10 years in order to turn agriculture into a highly profitable venture that could lead millions out of poverty. According to the AfDB president, Africa is blessed with the resources to accomplish this task, including the land, cheap labour, and sunshine, while imploring governments of African nations to develop the right infrastructure, good market, good financing, have the political will to develop and get it done by agriculture. It might be worth it for our brothers and sisters in the Diaspora to consider going into partnerships with foreign investors and encourage them to come into Nigeria to participate in the development of agriculture.

CHRISTIAN SPIRITUALITY — BUILDERS FOR GOD & CHARTING THE PATH OF GREATNESS: NIGERIA is a delightfully blessed nation with a divine agenda for the world. God has strategically located Nigeria, the most populous black nation in the world to play calculated and important roles, even at the global level.  Prayers have played a huge role in drawing the Hands of God into the affairs of the nation. And priests of God of Nigerian origin are moving towards fulfilling the prophecies of God as the second coming of Jesus Christ is being waited by humanity. Evidently, there is a mandate of God on Nigeria that is unequaled; and one of the beauties of the mandate is that it is similar to that of South Korea that is borne out of prayers. There have been prophecies by impeccable preachers of the gospel that God will use Nigeria mightily for His work in the next few years, such that foreigners will, in the not too distant future, scramble for entry visas into Nigeria, as the country fulfills her place in destiny. I believe because the promise is a prophecy attributed to God. And since God has said that, it must come to pass and will speedily happen if we play our own part well for God to do His own part.

THE ROLE OF PARENTS & ORGANIZATIONS WITH PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Part of the agenda of TERRIFIC HEADLINES is to promote family values, encourage parents, spouses generally, and other organizations with parental responsibilities, like places of religious worship, institutions of learning, and donor agencies to take more active interest in raising children and wards with the fear of God, by deemphasizing focus on material values; to promote Godly standards. Accordingly, we have published stories about the move of God through Nigeria, particularly salvation stories of great apostles of God. Indeed, Nigeria has paid her dues. God promised in 2 Chronicles 7:14 that: ‘’If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.’’

THE GREAT RESTITUTION: Bishop Ajayi Crowther, the first black man in the world to be ordained a bishop in the Anglican Church was the developer of formal education in Nigeria, who distinguished himself as the most travelled missionary Africa produced. Interestingly, 150 years after Crowther’s ordination, the Church of England, held a ‘Thanksgiving and Repentance’ service to celebrate Bishop Crowther’s ordination, and to express regrets that the African bishop with a record of high achievements was destabilized in the 1880s by racist white Europeans, including some of his fellow missionaries in the service of the Lord. God moved 50 years later, to unleash the Holy Spirit at revivals conducted by Nigerian priests who were called and empowered for the miraculous move of God. Surprisingly, those who were empowered early by God were not very educated, and were called in bizarre circumstances.

Dr.  D.K. Olukoya, General Overseer of the Mountain of Fire & Miracles Ministries captures this great move as it affected one of them, whose service still reverberates across Christendom today, sixty years after going home to be with the Lord. According to him: ‘’Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola and his team of aggressive prayer warriors of the Christ Apostolic Church entered forbidden forests, silenced demons that demanded worship, and paralyzed deep-rooted anti-gospel activities. ‘’Sometimes beginning from the highest places, they openly disgraced satanic agents, emptied hospitals by the healing power of the Lord Jesus Christ, rendered witch-doctors jobless and started the indigenous Holy-Ghost filled church in Nigeria. ‘’So far and we stand to be corrected, none has equaled, let alone surpass this humble brother in the field of aggressive evangelism in Nigeria.’’

GOD IS NEVER LATE: Human beings could be late and could miss the Rapture. Our prayers must be accompanied by hard work because we must not fold our arms because God has promised that Nigeria will be great. We must show signs of our preparedness to work to attain greatness, after which the Lord will do His own part.  The conversion of Saul who later became Paul is a clear example of what the power of God could do in any situation and in the life of any creature. Saul of Tarsus, the great persecutor of early Christians later emerged one of the greatest apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ. Apostle Paul eventually wrote almost half of the New Testament. Kenneth E. Haggins, a late prominent apostle of faith noted in one of his works that “Paul did more, single-handedly, in his 38 years of ministry than any denomination has done in 500 years”. And so, if Paul could be forgiven by the Lord, who are we not to ask for forgives for all of us and our nation? Our God is a God of all grace, a good God, ready to forgive, and plenteous in mercy unto all of them that call upon Him. Jesus Christ is waiting for someone right now.

Imagine the great patience of our Lord Who is standing at the door of the hearts of many people expecting a positive answer. He is a Compassionate Redeemer and is prepared to forgive you all your sins right now if only you will accept Jesus as your Lord and Personal Saviour. You might have lived a careless life as a drunkard, liar, fornicator, cheat, robber, or blasphemer. The Holy Spirit is prepared to take you through the process of restitution and enable you commence an eternal walk with God if you submit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ RIGHT NOW. Remember: HEAVEN IS REAL AND HELL TOO IS REAL. You can choose where you intend to spend eternal life.

Please do not tarry. Say this prayer and move to the nearest Bible-believing church to you today: “Lord Jesus, I believe You died for me and that you are alive and listening to me now. I repent of my sins and ask Your forgiveness. From this moment on, I decide to live for You and no longer for myself, to do Your will and not mine. Make me the kind of person You want me to be. Show me the way to the Father. Now fill me with the Holy Spirit, Who will teach me how to live for You and how to tell the world You are my Saviour and Lord. I love You, Father, Son & the Holy Spirit.



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