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To all intents and purposes, Femi Adelegan is eminently placed to put this compilation together given his vast experiences as a sound and tested professional with links in areas touched by the publication. I commend the author’s observation that: ‘’Many intending travellers are not adequately informed about the pros and cons of visiting other nations for different reasons’’ and that ‘’Planning for trips overseas for tourism or business entails more than what most people envisage.’’ The author invites attention to the global fight against terror that has heightened the level of security measures put in place at border posts and submits that preparations commence with the procurement of a traveling passport issued by the Federal Government of Nigeria, through the Nigeria Immigration Service. It does not end until the traveller successfully goes through Immigration formalities at the land, air, or sea ports of Nigeria and foreign nations being visited.  It is also important to bear in mind that possession of an entry visa does not automatically translate into automatic entry by visitors at the border posts of foreign nations. Similarly, entry into Nigeria is not complete until entry clearance officers permit visitors to enter at Nigeria’s borders; and the Nigerian Customs Service, in the case of goods and services.

This compilation, USEFUL GUIDES FOR FOREIGN TRAVELS & IMMIGRATION, may be small in terms of size. However, it is big in terms of useful information. It is also a good resource material for members of staff of agencies whose roles are treated in this book, including the Federal Ministry of Interior and its Parastatals, particularly the Immigration Service and the Custom Service; Federal Ministry of Transportation and its Parastatals, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Nigeria Police Force, the National Intelligence Agency, Nigerian Security & Civil Defense Corp, and other agencies of the Federal Government stationed at border posts, Protocol Departments of State Governments and other bodies in the private sector responsible for liaising with Agencies operating at border posts, and private sector operators in general.

Indeed, this publication could not have come at a better time than now, when the whole world is united about the need for good governance, and combatting terror; issues that have and nations have continued to tighten their immigration policies, and when the federal government of Nigeria is introducing a new border control and immigration system to ease operations at the nation’s border posts, coupled with the introduction of a multi bio-metric system that is capable of generating a database of travelers and users of the ports. This book is ‘’A Must Read’’ for all who wish to be guided on how to have smooth passages at border posts in Nigeria and abroad, attaining the objective of doing business with ease in Nigeria, and for Nigerians to conduct themselves in an orderly manner while on visits abroad.

Ambassador Joe C. Keshi, OON
Retired Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nigeria & Vice-Chairman, Board of Directors, United Bank for Africa Plc
December, 2017



‘’I strongly commend and recommend the “Leading Lights of the Gospel” be prayerfully read by all Church leaders, particularly the young and upcoming Christian leaders, Missionaries, Evangelists and the lay Church members. This book is a witness of God’s love and grace of God to men who are prepared to walk with Him to advance His Kingdom here on earth.’’ –  Gen. (Dr) Yakubu Gowon, GCFR; Chairman, Nigeria Prays, former Head State & Commander-in-Chief of theArmed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

‘’One other significant achievement of this book is the ability of Femi Adelegan to highlight Nigeris’s indelible impact on global Christianity and our unique African imprint on Christian spirituality and evangelistic outreach. Christianity in Nigeria has not only produced shining lights, but the Church in Nigeria has both blessed, enriched, as well as challenged World Christianity in the areas of self propagation, self government, creative adaptability, and fidelity to the faith once delivered to the Saints.’’ – Archbishop Lawrence Ayo Ladigbolu.



 Published in Nigeria by: Terrific Inv. & Consulting; ISBN: 978-978-311-2;


‘’One of the lessons derivable from the author’s effort however, is that Nigerians need to care more about democracy, raise fundamental questions about it, re-assess our performance from time to time and strive to leave a worthy legacy. The book is being published at a time the polity is characterized by serious challenges of development, a damning display of astonishing wealth of a few, and the misery of many as the system continues to be fettered by the diminishing patriotism, declining productivity, selfishness and greed.’’ –  Prof. Tunde Adeniran, Nigeria’s former Minister of Education and Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany.


“I commend you for your sustained love for Nigeria and for being a good spokesperson for Osun State and Nigeria in general. I encourage you not to relent in your efforts to do the best for Nigeria”. Former President Olusegun Obasanjo, GCFR; Nigeria.

“Your publication on Governance is a worthy addition to existing similar publications” – Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan, GCFR.

“Femi Adelegan has in this publication succeeded in unveiling the shroud of secrecy surrounding what Government does” — Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola; former Governor of Osun State. Nigeria

“You have no doubt acquired a rich blend of knowledge and maturity, having served in various positions. Your book on Governance will help in demystifying governance and the occupants of political offices” — Senator Liyel Imoke; Governor, Cross River State, Nigeria



AFRICA: The Game Changers & Dynamics of Power

‘’Pervasive corruption, sometimes aided by the developed nations, is an obstacle to the realization of the key objectives of African nations. ‘’Terrorism and conflicts have become pronounced and have assumed dangerous dimensions. Underdevelopment has also been promoted largely by incoherent implementation of policies, and institutional reforms, for the enforcement of rules and regulations introduced for the economic and political transformation of Third World countries. But all hope is not lost.’’ – Former President Olusegun Obasanjo, GCFR


‘’This book treats issues that could heighten cooperation between developing and developed nations, and also make them embrace the needed changes that must be constructed into the process of governance and international relations; and particularly, recommends improvements in the political and bureaucratic systems of African nations.’’ – Prof. Ibrahim Gambari, CFR – Former UN Under Secretary-General for Political Affairs.


‘’It is most gratifying that Femi Adelegan has been able to identify the  types of institutional arrangements that are essential for socio-political and economic development of Africa; and reinforces the consensus about the immediate and long-term goals of the continent. ‘’The author articulates Africa’s democratic experiments and major political upheavals, and also suggests practical ways of eliminating problems of chronic poverty, poor political strategies, and the imbalance in the global economy, from a broad comparative and development direction.’’   – Emeritus Prof. Michael Omolewa, OON – President of the 32nd Session of the General Conference of UNESCO & Nigeria’s former Ambassador to UNESCO



‘’I knew Adelegan well over fifty years ago when our paths crossed on the education scene.  I was at the Ibadan Grammar School as Principal, while he was at St. Luke’s Teachers Training College, Ibadan, as a graduate tutor, under the principalship of late Venerable Archdeacon Banjo.  He appeared to me a complete and brilliant gentleman who would make a success of his career. Adelegan later served as Chief Education Officer at the Ibadan District Council in the 1950s and made remarkable impact on the educational development of Ibadan and environs.  He worked closely with late Oba I. B. Akinyele and my humble self, in attaining lofty heights in the education sector.  I was to later request that Adelegan vacated his exalted position in Ibadan to return home to help his native community, Ipetu-Ijesha in establishing a secondary school. Our paths were to later cross again on the political scene where he played commendable roles in the development of the nation. Reading through this publication, the patriotic and enduring spirit of Shadrach Adelegan shows through. From grass to grace, and from the lowly heights to an astronomical level, Adelegan’s stars have shined, reflecting him as a brilliant and honest educationist, politician and community leader.’’ – Archdeacon Emmanuel Alayande, LL.D (Honoris Causa) The Are of Ibadan, December, 2004.


’It is a most interesting account of your life and Ipetu-Ijesha. The book presents an account of the political crises of the Action Group that is not partisan; as between Awolowo and Akintola’’ –  Emeritus Prof. J.F. Ade Ajayi.


TRIBUTE:  Excerpt from the Hansard – Official Bulletin of the Western Region House of Assembly of 6th April, 1965


Chief S.L. Akintola (Premier, Western Region) : Perhaps I may express the sentiments of both Sides of the House.  We pay you, Sir, the commendation that is due to you for the efficient manner in which you have been able to carry on and discharge the duties of the Speaker of this honourable House. (Cheers).  It is unfortunate that ill-health prevented the Hon. Speaker of this House from attending this important Budget Meeting but, in spite of the short notice, you came to our rescue as an experienced Deputy Speaker who has been able to assimilate and acquire a great deal of practical knowledge.  For this, we are very much indebted to you for the successful completion of this Budget Meeting and I think that your performance on this occasion augurs well for the future because you have discharged your duties remarkably well, so efficiently and so charmingly, that the Members of the Opposition will always like to see you on the Chair.’’


Alhaji  D.S. Adegbenro (Leader of Opposition):     Mr. Deputy Speaker, sir, I like to associate myself with the views and sentiments expressed by the hon. Premier.  When the appointment of Mr. Speaker was proposed, I was consulted, and I argued that you, Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, ought to have been promoted to the post of the substantive Speaker.  I was informed that there were some difficulties in the rank and file of the NNDP and I had to agree that you still hold your post as Deputy Speaker and in spite of the fact that you happen to be the Deputy Speaker, you have discharged your duties impartially and you deserve our commendation as well. There is only one request I will like to make and I wish that you give this your serious consideration.  I hope you will not fall into the trap of preventing Hansard to be distributed to hon. Members as was done during the closing days of your predecessor in office.  This is very important and I will wish that you do not allow yourself to be used for that type of funny business. Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, we congratulate you for being an efficient and impartial Speaker.’’


Mr. Deputy Speaker: I thank the hon. Premier and the hon. Leader of Opposition for their compliments. Thank you very much.