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I will commence with a quotation by our Lord and Saviour – Jesus Christ as recorded in Mark 6:4: “A prophet is not without honor except in his own country, among his own relatives, and in his own house.” Why? Familiarity is indeed a very dangerous   phenomenon. Jesus was leading His people in the church; but they, having known Him from birth were astonished and wondered:  “Where did this Man get this wisdom and these miraculous powers? Is this not the son of the tektonos? Is not His mother called Mary? And His brothers James and Joses and Simon and Judas and His sisters, are they not all with us? Where then did this Man get all these things?” So they were offended by Him. But Jesus said to them, “A prophet is not without honor except in his hometown and in his own household.” And He did not do many miracles there because of their unbelief (Matthew 13:54-58)

FAST & PRAY FOR NIGERIA: The task on hand is not to identify genuine or false prophets. Rather, it is to convince Nigerians to take the prophecies of some notable Nigerian priests of God that we must pray for Nigeria as a serious assignment. I read the charge of Pastor E.A. Adeboye deeply and could decode a few things. That same night, Dr. D.K. Olukoya in a different setting delivered a message from the Throne of Grace with a charge that Nigerians should please set aside one day every week to pray for our dear nation.  Part of my concern here, as a lover of our own Jerusalem  is to plead with Nigerians and lovers of this great country all over the world, to let us pray fervently as encouraged. From negative reactions published so far, it is evident that people need to understand spiritual principles. And it is part of our responsibility to inform and educate.

THE FIRST PROPHECY: The first prophecy ever is contained in Genesis 3: 14-19 in which God Genesis also records the first prophecy in the Bible, found in Genesis 3: 14-19, in which God cursed the serpent for misleading the first couple, Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. God decreed that the serpent, thou shall forthwith crawl on its belly, never to stand erect again. That was where humanity also got the punishment of painful conception as a result of sinful conduct. At the commencement of a new year that we have just witnessed by the special grace of God, it is not unusual for people to check around what the Lord has in stock for humanity in a new time of year. These habitually come in the form of prophecies Nigeria is abundantly blessed with priests of the Lord who hear regularly from Him. The truth is that God reveals what would happen to His prophets. And characteristically: ’Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, unless he reveals his secret unto his servants the prophets’’ – Amos 3: 7

THE OFFICE OF THE PROPHET: People are always very eager to know the mind of God; which is usually called prophecies. It is a prediction of what will happen in the future. According to Wikipedia: ‘’A prophecy is a message that is claimed by a prophet to have been communicated to them by God. ‘’Such messages typically involve inspiration, interpretation, or revelation of divine will, concerning the prophet’s social world and events to come. ‘’All known ancient cultures had prophets who delivered prophecies.’’ Many of those who access the Throne of God to receive revelations are usually divinely enabled to operate by the seven-fold Spirit of God: the Spirit of the Lord, and the Spirits of wisdom, of understanding, of counsel, of might, of knowledge and of fear of the LORD.

For instance, Prophet Samuel anointed Saul king and installed him king over Israel at the behest of God. It was same Samuel that announced God’s decision to dethrone Saul. Again, Samuel was ordered by God to anoint a shepherd boy –David as the king to replace Saul. Prophets spoke the mind of God to the people, receiving God’s message through visions, dreams, and other divine sources. Prophets also drew the hands of God into battles. Prophet Elijah was divinely assisted in a spiritual battle with 450 prophets of small god – Baal and killed all of them. Prophet Amos noted for his sharp messages on allowing justice to roll down like water was unsparing in his style of delivery of divine messages. Others like Jeremiah, Isaiah and Ezekiel heard from God and delivered messages as instructed by the Creator.

BEFORE YOU CONDEMN ALL PROPHETS ON ACCOUNT OF UNFULFILLED PROPHECIES: God has been faithful to Nigeria and His servants like He did to Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David and also to His son, our Lord, Jesus Christ.  In return, these leading lights of the gospel have continued to propagate the charge of Jesus Christ for humanity to “lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth easily beset us, running with patience the race that is set before us” and “looking unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith; Who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of God.” (Hebrews 12:1-2) He has an agenda for Nigeria for the end time. A prophet’s primary function in the Old Testament was to serve as God’s representative or ambassador by communicating God’s word to his people.

True prophets never spoke on their own authority or shared their personal opinions, or speak about what they could do personally. Rather, they deliver messages God Himself gave them. Several texts make this explicit. God promised Moses, “Now go; I will help you speak and will teach you what to say” God assured Moses, “I will raise up for my people a prophet like you  and I will put my words in his mouth. He will tell them everything I command him” Deut. 18:18. The Lord puts words in the mouths of prophets through the Holy Spirit. That is why many genuine prophets would always say, while delivering messages that: ‘THE LORD SAYS’’.   In fact, Apostle Paul is recorded as encouraging everyone to strive for the gift of prophecy.  Prophetic ministries toughen, persuade, and comfort believers. Prophecy, according to Sam Storms, may also bring conviction of sin to unbelievers who are in the gathering as “the secrets of their hearts are laid bare” Sam Storms.

NEGATIVE PROPHESIES COULD BE AVERTED: The fact that God says something will happen doesn’t mean it cannot be averted. In fact, it is revealed to warn or show the mind of God at any particular time. In the Israel of old, it was the duty of prophets of God to anoint kings at the command of God. We would be deceiving ourselves if we believe that power as of old no longer exists. Prophets have been known to hold the hands of God back from destroying societies. And just like He changes times and seasons, God, as the Owner of the universe, is able to cancel His plans – good or bad because He is simply Unquestionable.  Nigeria would, indeed, have fallen long time ago, but for the intercessions of the saints.

THE INSTRUCTION OF GOD: Jesus Christ has never been quoted as saying that fake prophets will not appear on the scene. In fact, that is a warning for the end time. To handle such situations, what God says is that we must “prove all things; hold fast that which is good” According to 1st Thess. 5:21, all things must be tested. Try the spirits. Not all “thus says the Lord….are from God. In fact, false prophets use that term just to manipulate their victims. Many people are becoming polluted from imbibing false teachings and spirits. Not all that glitters is gold. Not all pastors, prophets and teachers are of God. The Bible is the standard against which every doctrine must be compared. There are many religious spirits in the church which have a form of godliness but lack the power of holiness. It is your duty to try every spirit and discard the bad and hold fast to the good. Examine all your beliefs, notions and principles in the light of God’s word and discard anyone that does not conform. (Adeboye EA)

CHANGING THE PLAN OF GOD: Let us never claim that human beings are not capable of appealing to God to change His plans. God does whatever He likes. For instance, Biblical Hezekiah was sick and near death. God sent Prophet Isaiah to him to inform Hezekiah of his impending death. But Hezekiah prayed to the LORD, and pleaded for an extension of his time in the world. God changed his mind because HE was convinced by Hezekiah’s plea for the Creator to consider how he conducted himself in the ways of the Lord, ‘’with a loyal heart, and did what was good in His sight.” God decided, having been convinced, and added fifteen years to Hezekiah’s time on earth by simply turning the sun ten degrees backward. He is the Owner of the universe and does whatever HE wishes.  The lesson here is that it is possible to avert unpleasant occurrences through intercessions.

HOW GOD COULD CHANGE HIS PLANS AND PROPHECIES THROUGH HIS PROPHETS: A good example of what our spiritual leaders go through to appease God on our behalf is recorded in (Deuteronomy 9:13-14) in which God was annoyed and wanted to destroy the people of Israel. He told Moses: ‘‘I have seen this people, and indeed, it is a stubborn people. ‘‘Let Me alone, that I may destroy them and blot out their name from under heaven; and I will make of you a nation mightier and greater than them.’’  But Moses, who was the meekest man on earth and who found great favour with God pleaded thus with God in Exodus 32: 12-14: ‘’Remember Abraham, Isaac, and Israel, Thy servants to whom Thou didst swear by Thyself, and didst say to them, ‘I will multiply your descendants as the stars of the heavens, and all this land of which I have spoken I will give to your descendants, and they shall inherit it forever. ”So the Lord changed His mind about the harm which He said He would do to His people”. Can you imagine what could have happened if Moses never stood in the gap for Israel?

WISDOM: Not many genuine servants of God would go on the altar to boisterously shout that he/she has prevented God from destroying people. That could amount to sharing glory with God, or equating self with the Creator and that has terrible negative consequences.  Biblical Herod was eaten up by worms.  In another instance is the story of the people of Nineveh, recorded in the Holy Bible. Jonah is called by God to go to Nineveh to preach repentance to the people. Prophet Jonah prophesied the downfall of Nineveh. But the people repented and the city was saved from destruction. This shows that what God requires is our repentance from doing evil for us to show by conducts and precepts that we truly deserve to be pitied and forgiven by the Creator in our negotiations, usually conducted by His priests who stand in the gap for the people. Our case is similar to that of Nineveh and it is better for Nigerians to cry out for the mercy of God.

The foregoing serves to prove that it is possible to hold the Hands of the Lord back from acting in annoyance. But the intercessor must prove a point why He should not act. I have always pitied people who abuse genuine servants of the Lord, and those who deride them. Out of 200 million Nigerians, how many critics, and even servants of God hear from Him directly and enter His presence easily? It is true that God has no grandchildren, but the Creator moves and relates with some people better than HE does with others. I have always told people who complain about gifts to servants of God to also try to lock themselves up in a room for only seven days in solitary confinement, no food, and no water. I bet you must have experience. You will either hear from God, or from Satan, depending on the spiritual deposit acquired. We must NOT dare the Lord too arrogantly.

Beyond prophesying, God empowers prophets to warn, speak divine guidance, and encouragement. David, a king was rebuked by Prophet Nathan for his adulterous relationship with Bathsheba. Prophets of old often delivered messages denouncing rampant social injustice and the oppression of the poor.

THE PRINCIPLES OF GOD: GOD has a beautiful plan for Nigeria. It is important to stress that the principle of God dictates that we must do our own part before He does His own part for the manifestation of His promises. We must return to the Lord in true repentance. God cannot behold sins. ‘’You are of purer eyes than to behold evil, And cannot look on wickedness. Why do You look on those who deal treacherously, And hold Your tongue when the wicked devours A person more righteous than he? – Habakuk 1:13 Let all Nigerians RESOLVE to join a prayer crusade for Nigeria TODAY. Our progenitors and we also, have committed grievous sins against God. Idolatory, rituals, eternal sins, unforgivable sins, unpardonable sins, or ultimate sins are sins that will not be forgiven by God. The fact remains that too much blood has been shed. Let us pass this message round and avoid the stiff-necked attitude which could lead to destruction. Then, let us pray for people in positions of authority.

Are you on the Lord’s side? “Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters. And so I tell you, any sin and blasphemy can be forgiven. But blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven. Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but anyone who speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the age to come. (Matthew 12) You could pray for your generations yet unborn. Our spiritual leaders, parents etc have a lot to do to put Nigeria on the right track. With God, nothing shall be impossible.

LET US RETURN TO THE LORD: We need to examine ourselves and our ways to be able to determine if we have learned any lessons from past occurrences, with a view to amending our ways. We really need to tell ourselves the truth because our behaviour suggests that we are very unreasonable, apart from exhibiting attitudes that place self before national interests; and the common good. We embrace selfishness instead of selflessness. Therefore, God must help us, and all who have consistently lifted the arms of our spiritual leaders up like Aaron and Hur did to Moses are implored not to relent. NIGERIANS MUST PRAY HARDER TO RECEIVE THE GOOD PROMISES OF GOD, PART OF WHICH ARE LISTED BELOW

GOD’S PROPHETIC WORDS ABOUT NIGERIA: At the Holy Ghost Convention (1983) in Ilorin, (Kwara State), The Lord said “I will endow your men and women with three specific anointings in these last days:

  • An unusual anointing to minister my word in power.
  • An unusual anointing for research and discovery in science and technology.
  • An anointing for making money—business breakthroughs.
  • Everything you do, I shall cause it to prosper.
  • Nigeria shall fulfill my counsel for the black race, the race that has been despised and enslaved. I will show forth my glory on the despised and enslaved.
  1. The way America is held in high esteem that every man in the world desires to go there, so shall I make Nigeria. No black man would like to die without visiting Nigeria to see my wonders. (Pastor E.A. Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God has confirmed and emphasized this prophecy times without number).
  2. There was a prophecy in form of a vision through the late Pa S.G. Elton of Ilesha, God showed him a vision in which he saw a great revival engulfing the whole Nigeria, starting from the southern part of the nation and spreading to all other parts.
  3. Among other prophecies of Pa Elton was that ‘Nigeria/Nigerians will be known for corruption worldwide but the tide will turn and Nigeria will also be known for righteousness worldwide. Many shall take hold of him that is a Nigerian, saying, We will go with you, for we have heard that God is with you. – Revd S.G. Elton
  4.  “Watch out for the country called Nigeria, she will teach America true Christianity” – Reinhard Bonnke
  5. God said in a meeting that in His appointed time“He would raise His Josephs and Daniels who would know how to build, plant and preserve and conserve and administer in Nigeria”.
  6. 1983 At the first National Convention of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International (FGBMFI) Held at Hotel Presidential in Port Harcourt, a visiting delegate from New Mexico, United States spoke about visions of black men that God was giving him while he was in his home country. When he asked about who the black men were, the Lord then explained to him that these black men were Nigerians. He had never visited Nigeria before and the Lord told him he will soon take him there because the nation Nigeria was a nation he planned to use in revival. He then spoke on in prophecy: “Thus saith the Lord, Nigeria and Nigerian Christians will be used by the Lord to preach the gospel in the market places of the world in these last days.”
  7. Pastor S.G. Elton spoke prophetically in this meeting concerning two key African nations, saying that Africa is like a gun pointed down. Its turret and muzzle is South Africa. Its trigger is Nigeria. He said the days will come when Apartheid (then at its peak in South Africa) will be removed from South Africa. In those days, he said the Trigger of the Gun of Africa (Nigeria) would begin to fire for God’s purposes.
  8. Robert Liardon: In this year 1983 also, spoke about a vision he received of the Lord, he saw Jesus weeping over the African continent. In this vision, he said he saw as the tears of the Lord dropped on Africa, three lights sprang up from three locations in Africa: the little nation of Swaziland in Southern Africa, the East African nation of Uganda, and also from the West African nation of Nigeria. He said as the Lord continued to weep over the continent, these three lights fused into one mighty light that flooded the entire African continent.
  9. 1984 – Ibadan Prayer Conference CSSM – As we prayed here at a large gathering of many campuses at the Ibadan Polytechnic, the Lord spoke again during a very deep session of prayers while most of us were on our face on the floor. The Lord spoke in prophecy saying: “My Church in this nation is my hope for the continent of Africa”
  10. 1998 – ICC Nigeria National Conference: Rohan Smith, a white American delegate to the Nigerian National Conference of the International Christian Chambers of Commerce held at the Excellence Hotels Ikeja, in 1998 had a remarkable vision, which he stated as below:
  11. “While I was praying at the end of Emeka Nwakpa’s message, I saw a vision of a local African market place. It was looking dinghy, dirty and filthy. Then the vision changed. I saw the market transformed into a new environment. Gold, diamond and precious stones of various types were stacked neatly and well arranged on a table. I saw an oil font springing up from the table. I also saw in this new market environment, neatly dressed people in three distinct groups: Men, Boys and Babies (Little children). Then I saw trucks full of gold bars moving across the borders of the countries of Africa. I saw a bloodstream flowing ahead of the trucks into villages into which the trucks were coming. As the bloodstream entered into the villages, it exploded into white light which enveloped the villages” Thus says the Lord, “There is a wave of prosperity coming from the Lord into Africa. The objective is for the salvation of the peoples of Africa. Idolatry will be overthrown in Africa as part of this move. Beware however that you do not replace Idolatry with materialism when the release of the wealth comes”
  12. 2002 PROPHESY BY PROPHETESS CINDY JACOBS OF THE UNITED STATES- God’s Word to Nigeria: — The Lord says to Nigeria, “I have given you a missionary spirit and I am surely going to change the nations of the earth through you. But now I will give you the anointing to change your nation. The Lord says I am going to begin to unravel the corrupt system in Nigeria that men will say it is impossible, but I say with God all things are possible. There is going to be a revival in the universities and this revival will be of a large magnitude, that the revival in the universities will affect the secondary schools and primary schools. And God will change Nigeria to the next generation. And the Lord says the unity of the leaders is coming. It’s going to uproot and dethrone the occult, for I am going to overthrow the occult spirit. And I am going to use Nigerians to heal the rest of Africa, because what happens in Nigeria will affect the whole continent.
  13. The Lord says – I’m going to use the Nigerians in Russia. There will be many churches planted in Russia. The Lord says I’m going to use your nation. I’m going to use you in the Middle East. God says I’m getting ready to change many things.
  14. I’m getting ready to expose the occult at the highest level. In the next few months, I’m going to begin to tear it down and I’m going to make it shift and there will be a day when violence shall no longer be heard of in the streets of Nigeria. And it will be one of the safest nations on the face of the earth; says the Lord God. — (Cindy Jacobs is an American intercessor and a prophetess. She gave this word at a global prayer conference in Guatemala, in year 2002).
  15. GOD’S AGENDA FOR NIGERIA – READ A BOOK TITLED NIGERIA’S LEADING LIGHTS OF THE GOSPEL: Revolutionaries In Worldwide Christianity – By: Femi Adelegan.

    How did Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola acquire enormous spiritual power? ”Joseph Ayo Babalola and his team of aggressive prayer warriors entered forbidden forests, silenced demons that demanded worship and paralyzed deep-rooted anti-gospel activities. Sometimes beginning from the highest places, they openly disgraced satanic agents, emptied hospitals by the healing power of the Lord Jesus Christ, rendered witchdoctors jobless and started the indigenous Holy-Ghost filled church in Nigeria. So far and we stand to be corrected, none has equaled, let alone surpass this humble brother in the field of aggressive evangelism in Nigeria”
    – Dr. D.K. Olukoya.

    Read about Mad Pastor who mentored David Oyedepo, Francis Wale Oke, Moses Aransiola, Emiko Amotsuka, Emeka Nwakpa,  Steve Olumuyiwa, Godfrey Numbere and others.

    Find out why Pastor Enoch Adeboye has coveted and requested from God the anointing of Elijah, plus the double portion of the anointing of Elisha, Paul, Peter and in addition to a double portion of the anointing of our Lord and Saviour – Jesus Christ (while on earth) and God’s response” Pastor William Folorunsho Kumuyi, is uncompromising in his preaching of holiness and purity as a way of life.

    It is quite possible for some people around you to succeed without God’s backing. Find out reasons and consequences from Primate Peter Jasper Akinola

    ‘’After handing over the charm to me, the witchdoctor looked at me and muted that “It is only God in heaven Who can make it work. “I was annoyed” — Rev George Adegboye, a cultist turned pastor.
    Copies available at
    AISHA BOOKS Local Arrival Terminals, Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport
    AISHA Ventures, Arik Departure area, Murtala Muhammed International Airport.
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