Sunday, March 7, 2021
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This week, TERRIFIC HEADLINES continues its series on PROMOTING NIGERIA MADE PRODUCTS under the caption: INVESTMENT AND MARKET OPPORTUNITIES IN AFRICA’S INDIGENOUS STIMULANTS as part of our contributions to the growth of local industries and initiatives. Stimulants are substances that increase central nervous system activities in the human body. Most of these stimulants contain chemicals of the methylxanthine group. They increase alertness, heart rates and energy levels in man. Stimulants are also widely used because they produce a sense of euphoria that most people crave for. It comes in the form of a lecture delivered by a patriotic Nigeria, Prof. Tunde Adeniran who has served the nation in several capacities. The focus this week is on BITTER KOLA, COFFEE,  MORINGA OLIFERA,  GINGSENG. Our guide is Prof. Tunde Adeniran, KJW, OFR; a patriot and erudite scholar who has served Nigeria in several capacities and who, during his tenure as Nigeria’s ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany was hyper-active and recorded highly remarkable achievements in generating Foreign Direct Investment into Nigeria. Prof. Adeniran was particularly an investment enthusiast who engaged in the external marketing of Nigerian products. This should be more so, in view of decades of enlightenment that had removed ritualistic misconceptions and ignorance regarding the nature, immediate usefulness and potential value of specific agricultural produce. His patriotism and interest in seeing Nigeria move forward led to his release of this piece authored by him for publication by TERRIFIC HEADLINES. AFRICA AS AN EMERGING INVESTMENT DESTINATION: Today Africa is fast emerging as the new investment destination for most investors. As a result of its use in preparation of herbal drugs either as supplements, nourishment or herbal remedy, there is a growing demand for it. In view of its health benefits such as the treatment of cold, fever, .cough, sneezing, diarrhea and bacterial infection, the demand will definitely continue to increase. Meanwhile, Bitter kola is in great demand in the USA, Britain, China and India. The African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) hasalso opened up greater opportunity for the penetration of the American market. COFFEE (Coffea Arabica and Coffeacanephora): Coffee beans owe its stimulant effect to its caffeine content. The caffeine content in Coffee’ beans ranges from 0.9-1.7% depending on the species. With an annual global production of 8-10 million metric tons this crop has been listed as the top agricultural export for about 1,2 countries and the world’s the largest…

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