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EVENTS WEBSITE:www.couplesofvituesandvalues.com, BLOG: www.terrficheadlines.com Website www.terrificinvestment.com,    Mobile No: : +234-8033977394 Email: Email: terrificheadlines@gmail.com, terrificinvestment@gmail.com,  PROMOTING FAMILY VALUES & VIRTUES THROUGH ROLE ROLE MODELLING: This agenda has roots in a Biblical passage Psalm 11:3 that says: ‘’If the foundation be destroyed, what will the righteous do?  ‘’If things go on well in a marriage, things go on well everywhere; if things go wrong there, things go wrong everywhere.’’(Dr. D.K Olukoya) There is hardly any observer who is not worried about the social environment and Western negativities on the upbringing of our youth; and corrosive influence on adults too, these days of Globalization, which makes social vices and ills not to have any borders. In large measures, the society shares the responsibility of handling the collective rot in the social systems. Parents no longer pay the desirable/adequate attention to the development of the child. Organizations that exist to build and shapecharacter/personalities appear to be helpless; and are, in many cases, guilty of dereliction of duty.  Evidently, the whole world is now confronted with the problem of coping with the requirements of the emerging times. It is for the purpose of safeguarding the present and tomorrow of the society that TERRIFIC HEADLINES, an online media outfit is implementing a social development campaign is engaging different strata of the society with parental responsibilities.  This activity is being coordinated by a veteran Integrated Strategic Communicator, and publicist, Femi Adelegan, backed by God, technocratic instincts, and several years of bureaucratic experiences in his long walk in the corridors of power. The programme takes cognizance of the fact that the younger generation needs to be properly groomed to avoid total disintegration of the world by pervasive, moral, social, and criminal conducts. TARGET AUDIENCE: The target audience includes: Parents, Governments, institutions with parental responsibilities, civil society organizations and the civil populace. The social development campaign is being implemented through a multi-pronged approach to sensitize the populace through several social media channels, with the objective of preventing and attacking alarming occurrences of broken homes, terrorism, curable and incurable diseases, prostitution, all forms of violence, and other social and criminal vices, in which youths in particular are involved. ATTITUDINAL CHANGES: The mode of implementation is planting information on social media channels in order to effect positive attitudinal changes. It is emphasizing positive societal behavioural changes and encouraging couples to build good families as miniatures of the society, with spouses functioning as the compass of family units, to ensure that there…

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