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’’If things go on well in a marriage, things go on well everywhere; ‘’if things go wrong there, things go wrong everywhere’’ — DK Olukoya

Dr. D. K. Olukoya, General Overseer of the Mountain of Fire & Miracles Ministries asserts that: ‘’The family is the foundation of civilization; a church within a church; a world within a world; a republic within a republic; the root of foundation between church and state. ’’If things go on well in a marriage, things go on well everywhere; ‘’if things go wrong there, things go wrong everywhere’’ The very important personalities whose names are recorded below give vent Olukoya’s assertion as ROLE MODELS by virtue of their enviable conduct and successful unions. They are mentors to millions of people all over Nigeria by virtue of their successful family lives and how couples conduct themselves.

Evidently, successful societies are built by progressive-minded family units with the woman as the pivot and motivator. It is not as if couples who are ROLE MODELS don’t have challenges. The truth is that no union or relationship is immune to challenges and disagreements because human beings are not infallible. But in spite of whatever differences might arise, they are always together with joy radiating on their faces as they move around like Siamese twins.  If they wear pleasant looks all of the time, that surely means whatever differences they might have had are sorted out in their homes; most probably unnoticed by even their children.

THE TRICKS OF HAVING A HAPPY HOME: The trick is their putting God first, faithfulness, genuine love, prayers and understanding themselves.  It is always better for people to look up to successful personalities without blemishes as mentors. Although the Lord cautions against envy and covetousness, I have always wondered if God, Who warns us against covetousness would be annoyed at people for envying good conduct for the purpose of behaving the same way as ROLE MODELS do. I am yet to study if that would amount to covetousness if done in good faith.

Has anyone ever observed the outings of some role models? Pastor Enoch & Pastor (Mrs) Folu Adeboye married over 50 years ago and Pastor Adeboye says they are still on honeymoon!  Rtd. Gen. (Dr) Yakubu & Victoria Gowon have for over 50 years moving around together.   And they are not fed up moving around together. Rtd Lt. Gen Theophilus Yakubu & Senator Daisy Danjuma spend 24 hours together daily, residing in the same house and work in the same office.

Otunba Olasubomi & Olori Abimbola Balogun are always a beautiful pair to behold in their public outings. Their marital union still glimmers after over 50 years of wedding.  The Otunba, Adekunle & Erelu Ojuolape Ojora, who are both over 80 years old, have demonstrated that they are one of the foremost inseparable celebrity couples, with their flame of love still glowing intensely, sixty years after tying the knot.

THE YOUNGER GENERATION: We must take care of the younger generation and intervene to make sure that they don’t derail. How could the younger generation benefit tremendously from the encouraging disposition of these noble couples? It involves paying the right attention to issues associated with parenting and relationships by those who exercise the right of parental responsibilities – Governments, parents and organizations with parental responsibilities, Civil Society Organizations, and the entire civil society.

And it is always better to do these at impressionable ages, given the increasing and alarming incidents of condemnable vices and unusual occurrences of broken homes, curable and incurable diseases, and acts that could cause all forms of violence,  there is a compelling need for intervention through a collaborative approach.

MODEL PARENTS DON’T DISCRIMINATE BETWEEN MALE & FEMALE CHILDREN — THE ALIKO DANGOTE— FEMI OTEDOLA EXAMPLE: Stories about the lives of successful personalities are always worth reading. The Nigerian culture, until very recently ignores the usefulness of female children while promoting the male child as heir apparent to the throne. But some families have proven that ladies too could emerge heirs apparent. Aliko Dangote & Femi Otedola are two shining examples of personalities who have taken the commendable step of encouraging their female children to succeed in their professions.

Nigerian women owe Dangote a huge debt of gratitude for making three of his daughters Executive Directors of his vast business empire.  Conversely, Nigerian men must be eternally grateful to Hajia Bola Shagaya for raising her ‘’boys’’ devotedly. Femi Otedola too,  has encouraged his daughters to succeed by perfecting their skills in music, fashion, and arts. Femi Otedola too deserves a pat on the back by women. By their conduct, these two men are redressing the afflictions suffered by the female gender, as history has not been too kind to women in terms of recording positive events that tally with the level of contributions of women to development generally. They are encouraging their female children to disallow tribulations of the past experienced by women to extinguish their zeal to reach the highest heights possible. Bola Shagaya too, in spite of her very tight schedule created adequate time to bring her ‘’boys’’ up as successful personalities.

ORGANIZATIONS WITH PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITIES: These great Nigerians have challenged other parents and organizations with parental responsibilities saddled with mentoring and parental responsibilities that serve to inculcate in our youths the right values, ethics, and morals in every facet of the society.  For the sake of our tomorrow, older people, who are supposed to be the moral compass must not mislead young ones in a haze of misdemeanour.

The impact of what youths see done by parents has implications of changes in behaviour, morals, and aspirations. Some unwholesome acts in the society influenced by over-exposure to foreign cultures are so pervasive, and their effects are hugely corrosive and anti-development.  We have asserted on this channel several times that unless adequate attention is accorded the need to attack indecent acts, our society may soon witness an unmanageable upsurge in social vices, as well as the erosion of our common virtues handed down by our progenitors.

The right segment of the society that should make this noble objective happen consists of spouses, whose activities are copied by their children and wards. Married or unmarried, wise counsel would make you know that variety is not the spice of life and so you cannot have amorous relationships aside your partner. And if you are unmarried, remember that you are God’s vessels made in His image. Furthermore, apart from AIDS, there is Ebola and there is Coronavirus. After that is the judgment of God because the Lord’s eyes are too holy to behold iniquity.

LOOK AT GOOD EXAMPLES: More importantly, the evolving era of joint partnerships in the management of homes and businesses by spouses is worthy of being celebrated.  Couples, who by dint of hard work, and mutual encouragement have reached the pinnacles of their careers, jointly building their homes and businesses; as well as men who have exceptionally supported their wives and female children ought to be celebrated and made examples for the growing generation to follow.

The stories of the lives and struggles of these outstanding personalities are worth reading and worthy of emulation.  It shall be well with Nigeria. Without any doubt, negative impediments must be removed. Good governance is equally a major prerequisite. The developed nations must learn about the developing world to balance the global flow of information which is currently skewed in favour of the developed world. Inequality poses a great danger to mankind. According to a UNDP report, the richest one percent of the world’s population now owns about 40 percent of the world’s assets, while the bottom half owns not more than one percent! The report further states that: “Confronting inequality in developing countries shows that if left unchecked, the widening gulf could undermine the very foundations of development’’

Political disputes must be minimized, if not totally eradicated, to allow for global development and fruitful implementation of the agenda of Globalization, as programmed by the United Nations. Essentially, that means the developed and developing world must cooperate for the emergence of a better world, premised on peace, equity, justice, and good governance, which would bring about the rapid development of all parts of the world under a cooperative arrangement.  The stories of the lives and struggles of these outstanding personalities are worth reading and worthy of emulation.

The Last Line: In the past few months, I have sighted some locally produced video films (or is it ordinary recording) on YouTube posts. These YouTube films come with very irritating postures, usually of a man and woman in very awkward amorous positions suggesting that the contents would most probably accommodate the absurd. I have never watched any of these films. I view only news and programmes that impart knowledge.

The titles of these films are sickening and irritating: ‘’How my driver gave it to me! How my houseboy gave it to me! How I did it with my housemaid! How I was satisfied by my gateman! My boss satisfies me in the office! My Pastor or Imam is good in the act! One could go on and on. These are very easy means of not only debasing womanhood; but also teaching the young ones immorality because they have access to mobile phones and could view and download these recordings.

Is there any agency of government responsible for making sure that the distribution of these dirty films is controlled?

May the Good Lord bless Nigeria.


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