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We will identify and promote conscientious commentators, creative counsellors, and sincere intellectual advocates of change. However, we shall not entertain the following:

  • Hate speeches & pronouncements
  • Issues that could threaten national stability and cohesion
  • Venomous actions and pronouncements
  • Libelous statements and publications



  • Governance is also one of the hardest of tasks; hence the need to avoid hasty and ill-informed commentaries
  • We will entertain only issue-based discussions based on merit, patriotism, fair play and justice
  • Our efforts are chiefly directed at influencing the citizenry for improvements and better standards of living and conducts, through sensitization and advocacy activities
  • We refuse to accept the notion that commentators should be free to employ demeaning statements
  • Well-meaning people must act responsibly and subscribe to the style of advancing superior arguments, which is a virtue of democracy


WE PROMISE THAT: Our publications would be in good faith, and for future generations, in recognition of virtues and values that are worth reading and recording for posterity. Therefore, we shall sensitize Nigerians on their rights, privileges and obligations and to also the citizenry embrace the following:

  • Care more about democracy, elect only credible candidates & influence Good Governance
  • Encourage Nigerians to shun ostentatious lifestyles
  • Encourage Nigerians to engage in philanthropy
  • Providing feedback between the government and the governed.



We welcome publishable reactions and opinions, strictly confined to our operational code. These could be forwarded to terrificheadlines@gmail.com.

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