Saturday, March 6, 2021
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TERRIFIC HEADLINES ….. The Whole World Is Our Constituency Reliable, Authoritative, Credible, Efficient & Very Professional… ”Surely, we have learnt great lessons from the past and we have no need to permit divisive factors to continue to undermine our national well-being.  ”I urge all Nigerians to join me in working with resolution for the attainment of these goals. The first thing is for all those who have participated in the recent elections to work together whether they won or lost. Now that the elections are over, we must act as good sportsmen, set aside differences and harness our energies to the task of nation building. – Shehu Shagari, GCFR Experts in political rhetoric believe that the essence of crafting speeches for political actors is to set the tone for governance. In public speech making, – written or spoken extempore, a lot of information is encoded and these have to be decoded by the target audience for the pronouncements to be meaningful.  Nigeria’s political leaders have delivered their speeches in various forms, portraying and depicting different characters. They have ranged from the mild and sublime delivery of ‘Golden Voice’, late Prime Minister Abubakar Tawafa Balewa; to the bombastic and articulate style of Nnamdi Azikiwe; on to the infusion of minute details laced with deep research findings of Obafemi Awolowo; on to Yakubu Gowon’s humane disposition; the very forceful delivery of Murtala Ramat Mohammed; on to Olusegun Obasanjo writing his own speeches most times, while also speaking extempore on other occasions. No two personalities can exactly be alike. The common factor is that all have noble intentions laced with determination, the spirit of commitment to excellence and the willingness to chart a proper course for future development. All speeches are expected to contain policy directions comparable to those enunciated by statesmen exhibiting unparalleled patriotism Nigeria’s leaders at various times since independence in 196o, gave  indications of very high hopes and of the evolution of a virile polity based on their preparedness to lead the nation to higher heights. Such optimisms were largely based on the prospects provided by the huge and limitless human and natural resources available in the country. TERRIFIC HEADLINES celebrates Gentleman Usman Aliyu Shehu Shagari, Nigeria’s president from 1979 till 1983. His inaugural speech on 1st October, 1979, identified the key sectors of the economy requiring serious intervention: Agriculture, Education, Housing, Science and Technology and the Economy. And so, he…

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