Monday, March 8, 2021
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 WHAT WE AIM TO ACHIEVE: This activity is designed to further encourage men and women alike, with responsibility for the training of children and wards and managing the home, to stand committed to the objective of joint responsibility for successes of couples in life. It is being implemented and for now; FULLY SPONSORED by TERRIFIC HEADLINES; as part of our social responsibility packages. TERRIFIC HEADLINES is a non-partisan; non-political information outfit managed ethically and responsibly. The key points are as follows:

  • To deepen collective awareness and knowledge of the target audience about the achievements of Nigerian men and women who have worked together
  • To encourage mentoring of the younger generation
  • To encourage recognition as a means of further encouraging the growing ones to remain committed to good ideals
  • To reassure the growing generation that girls and ladies can attain any height possible and possibly excel more than their male counterparts
  • To encourage couples to collaborate for the development of family units and the larger society.



Evidently, the whole world is in a defining period, given several sordid occurrences that are obtruding themselves, particularly issues dealing with family values and collaboration of husband and wife to raise their children and wards properly at this period, when modernization has brought along with it the erosion of our values, cultures and traditions. There is widespread moral decadence that has eaten into the very fabrics of the society. And regrettably, this issue is not limited to youths alone but also some renegades who have reached ages of maturity. The society is in bad shape today (It is a global phenomenon) Government, parents and organizations with parental responsibilities have not lived up to expectations. Our proposed activity is premised on the following:

  • Everyone in a society has some basic functions to perform as influencing development is a joint task of the government and the governed, as well as organizations with parental responsibilities
  • The roles of these bodies are so important that in situations where they are not able to perform efficiently and effectively, the society suffers tremendously. It is what they sow in terms of bringing the young ones up that they reap.  
  • Technological development has led to the invasion of the airwaves of the developing world by the Western media, with the consequent effect of the younger generation imbibing the cultures and values of the West.
  • The situation has assumed frightening dimensions of erosion of cultural values in the Third World. It is now commonplace finding the younger elements in Africa dancing to the tunes of foreign musicians; without even understanding the lyrics of the songs. Young boys now wear ear-rings, hitherto an exclusive practice by the female sex.


  • It is better for a damage not to occur at all, than to go into crises management. The reactive approach is more costly in terms of damages done, more expensive in terms of finances injected, and takes a longer while for the crises to be combated successfully.
  • This act would undoubtedly increase goodwill in leaps and bounds. Getting in constant touch will undoubtedly assist in your efforts to ward-off negative reports.
  • . Taking personal interest in the welfare of the target audience in the society would go a long way in solidifying relationships.

TARGET AUDIENCE FOR CORRECTING THE SITUATION: ’If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?’’ Psalm 11:3; It is to be noted that several people and organizations that have responsibilities for exercising parental functions need to do more in order to meet the expectations of right thinking members of the society. Lack of family values and virtues form part of the root causes of social vices that have almost become an obsession globally. Given the increasing and alarming incidents of condemnable  vices and unusual occurrences of broken homes, curable and incurable diseases, and acts that could cause all forms of violence, there is a compelling need for intervention through a collaborative approach by spouses that should be vigilant and be more committed to the development of the growing ones.

  • Involvement of Parents
  • Involvement of Government
  • Involvement of organizations with parental responsibilities
  • Involvement of the civil society, civil society organizations and related groups
  • Involvement of youths and youth organizations
  • Correcting differences in perceptions and viewpoints.
  • Correcting expectations and prejudices which may lead to false assumptions or stereotyping.
  • Paying particular attention to the erosion of local cultures through the influence of the advanced world

WHY ENCOURAGE UNITY OF COUPLES & FAMILY COHESION? — ATTRIBUTES OF SPOUSES: The qualities of a good husband and invariably father, and head of the family, according to the ‘Open Bible’ include: ‘’Reliability, as marriage is for life; raising the children as a moral compass, considerate; willing to sacrifice, apology for wrong-doings, faithful, and being supportive. Lucky are members of the female gender who enjoy the trust, confidence, and love of the male spouse and father and husband, who, in the Nigerian culture, is regarded as the prime motivator, provider, and head of the family. Perfect unions and relationships form the foundation upon which the society is constructed. That is why the Scriptures say in Psalm 11:3 that: ‘’If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?’’

 Some marriages are figuratively said to be made in heaven, because of the seemingly perfect nature of relationships by united couples, who play the game according to the rules, and cooperate to build enviable family units. It is an established fact that disorderly homes, are next to hell in terms of agonies experienced by some family units made up of father, mother, son and daughter. Therefore, people pray for the divine Hand of God to guide them in choosing their spouses. It is even Biblical and contained in the Holy Quoran.  Proverbs 18:22 states that ‘’He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favour from the LORD.’’ The Holy Book goes ahead, in Ephesians 5:25 to state categorically that: “For husbands, this means love your wives, just as Christ loved the church. He gave up his life for her.” Genesis 2:24: “Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.”

RECOGNIZING WOMEN AS PIVOTS OF FAMILY UNITS: A woman combines a unique position as a wife, a mother, sister, lover, in-law, and grandmother. These roles place her at a unique and advantageous position to a major stakeholder in whatever happens in a family unit, a society, a nation, and indeed the whole world. In spite of these important roles, history has not been too kind to women in terms of recording positive events that tally with the level of contributions of women to development generally. A hard look at supportive spouses in political and corporate governance brings out personalities who have disallowed tribulations in different forms, to extinguish their fire of their love for one another.

THE NEED FOR INTERVENTION: WOMEN ARE BETTER PLACED TO LEAD THE CAMPAIGN FOR MORAL RECTITUDE: The need for an urgent intervention in family values and virtues is underscored by the fact that when a bad practice is continued over a period of time, it becomes the norm; hence the need for proactive measures to shape the conducts of the young ones in their formative years through adolescence. It is believed that women, as pivots of family units are better placed to lead the campaign against social vices and security breaches; and how to arrest the trend. The event would further encourage men and women alike, with responsibility for the training of children and wards and managing the home, to stand committed to the objective of joint responsibility for successes of couples in life.  If the correct statistics are taken, it would be revealed that only a fraction of parents pay particular attention to the development of their children. There must be changes in the attitudes of all about family values that largely dictate how a society develops.  The concerns are, but are not limited to the following:

  • What are the responsibilities of the leadership and followers?
  • How do you manage your home?
  • Do you pay particular attention to grooming your subordinates? How do you behave at work? Do you lead by example?
  • Does your behaviour encourage people to regard you as a role model? It is apposite to state that if those engaged in governance are to attain their salient objectives of attaining and sustaining the mission and vision of the society/organization, the recipe lies in following the established procedures laid out for management for attainment of results.

RESPONSIBILITIES OF ORGANIZATIONS WITH PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Equally affected are institutions charged with mentoring and parental responsibilities that serve to inculcate in our youths the right values, ethics, and morals in every facet of the society.

  • For the sake of our tomorrow, older people, who are supposed to be the moral compass must not get ‘’lost’’ in a haze of misdemeanors.
  • The impact of elders on youths has implications of changes in behaviour, morals, and aspirations. Youths must be trained to become useful citizens.
  • Some unwholesome acts in the society influenced by over-exposure to foreign cultures are so pervasive; and their effects are hugely corrosive and anti-development. Its effects are so corrosive that unless adequate attention is accorded the need to attack indecent acts, our society may soon witness an unmanageable upsurge in social vices, as well as the erosion of our common virtues handed down by our progenitors.
  • Organizations with parental responsibilities also have a huge role to play in shaping the future of our young ones. And the right segment of the society that should make the noble objective above to happen consists of spouses, whose activities are copied by their children and wards.


  • We shall adopt proactive strategies and options, instead of the fire brigade approach of combating societal ills.
  • The fact has come to appreciated that it is better to anticipate and nip in the bud the prospective problem than to start managing problems. When trouble emerges, it is usually difficult to correct the damage done.
  • Evolve policies directed at promoting discourse so that the various people and organizations involved in charting a proper course for child development could understand better, the need to guide their children and wards to their places in destiny.
  • From the foregoing, our campaign is designed to regulate the conduct of the citizenry particularly the relationship of one individual to the other.
  • Information management and dissemination would be tailored towards building a more responsive and responsible society.

ANTICIPATED RESULTS: The foregoing clearly implies that motivation is required to gain the confidence of followers to be able to help them to achieve their common goals. Because the younger ones must trust and respect their parents and parental organizations, they emulate them and internalize their ideals.

  • Nothing comes easy. Parents must jointly plan, pray and be resolute to build an enviable future for their children and wards,
  • Children must be focused and tread the right path guided by all who have that responsibility
  • The holy Bible, in Proverbs 22:6 asserts that: ‘’Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.’’ A spoiled child or spoiled brat is a derogatory term aimed at children who exhibit behavioral problems from being overindulged by their parents. Children and teens who, are perceived as spoiled may be described as “overindulged”. The primary responsibility of spouses is to jointly build their families. Training up children in the way they should go gives not only the parents, but the whole society peace and peaceful conducts.   Discipline is an integral part of raising children.  Parents must realize that discipline is rooted in love. That is why children who grow up in homes without discipline often feel unloved and are more likely to disobey authority as they grow older.
  • ABOUT THE EVENT: A study conducted by the British Government in 2012, identifies Nigerian women as the nation’s hidden resource, stressing that “Investing in women and girls now will increase productivity in this generation and will promote sustainable growth, peace and better health for the next generation.” The Report showcased how Nigerian women and girls are disadvantaged by gender disparities in the most important aspects of livelihood and well-being.

COUPLES & FAMILIES OF VIRTUES— ROLE MODELS:  This event promotes family cohesion and recognize couples that could be considered as ROLE MODELS in the society, considering their enviable conducts through collaboration for the development of their family units. . The event, tagged: COUPLES & FAMILIES OF VIRTUES & VALUES is planned to celebrate and recognize couples that have proven by exemplary conducts that they take their  marital unions seriously and so, accord themselves all honours and privileges accruing to responsible and responsive spouses who have come together to raise families, among other objectives of man and woman coming together in holy matrimony. More importantly, the evolving era of joint partnerships in the management of homes and businesses by spouses is worthy of being celebrated.

FATHERS:. Couples, who by dint of hard work, and mutual encouragement have reached the pinnacles of their careers, jointly building their homes and businesses; as well and men who have exceptionally supported their wives and female children to excel are to be celebrated. The stories of the lives and struggles of all prize awardees; all noted as ROLE MODELS as chosen by the Award Jury are worth reading and worthy of emulation. Also to be recognized are a few ROYAL FATHERS, whose disposition to the female gender and activities as mobilizers of their domains, deserve special focus.

ATTRACTIONS: The key points are as follows: COUPLES & FAMILIES OF VIRTUES takes cognizance of, and addresses the global dimension of Other aims include promoting encouragement through legal and political means that women have the opportunity to participate as responsible members of their communities, development and growth. Couples of Valour has been instituted as an annual award to promote family values. The organizers have indicated that a DEDICATED WEBSITE is in place for interaction and publishing of information on family values and virtues all year round; with a view to contributing to local and global efforts to build families and encourage women emancipation. Other activities in support of this worthy objective are to be unfolded at the GALA NIGHT in Lagos, which is also to be telecast LIVE with a view to ensuring that the information on family values goes far and wide.

CELEBRATING COUPLES & FAMILIES OF VIRTUES & VALUES has been packaged to acknowledge the spirit of togetherness demonstrated by some couples who could be regarded as ROLE MODELS, who have jointly contributed significantly to societal development, with the objective of encouraging spouses generally to collaborate more for the total development of the society. We recognize the female gender as pillars around which family units revolve; and as key agents that drive development. The female gender, therefore, deserves every necessary encouragement to play greater roles in monitoring the development of family units through the cooperation of spouses, and organizations with parental responsibilities.

HONOUREES: The organizers of this proposed event have taken the pains to dig deep into history and the lives of eminent Nigerians who could be classified as ROLE MODELS for the purpose of honouring them in order to provoke the feelings of empathy in other Nigerians, particularly young couples who are just growing to enable them live fulfilled lives as partners and bring up their children in a proper manner.

IMPORTANCE & CRITERIA: Globally, efforts are ongoing to encourage family units and organizations with parental responsibilities to pay greater attention to the development of their children and wards; and refrain from discriminating against any child on account of gender. These have come in the form of several Conventions and Regulations to which most nations of the world have subscribed. The event is being proposed to hold to recognize couples that have encouraged their spouses to be joint partners in managing their businesses, organizing their homes and businesses; while also recognizing male spouses, who have provided the necessary encouragement and enabling environment for their young female children to emerge successful citizens


The criteria for selection are based on research on conducts of the proposed honorees, their disposition to the development of their children, and their contributions to the society, as conducted by the organizers on the activities of the honourees, based on available records. The honours and awards ceremony will hold at the Oriental Hotel, Lagos in the evening of November 30, 2018, commencing 6.00pm.

  • A few Nigerians (male & female) have been identified for recognition for the way they have managed their relationships with their spouses, particularly for encouraging and supporting them to be useful and productive citizens.
  • All of these honorees have involved their wives or female children in the management of their businesses. This has further strengthened and promoted women emancipation. These are Nigerians, who by conducts and precepts have accorded their spouses the status of partners for development.
  • The proposed award recipients are serving as ROLE MODELS to other Nigerians, and indeed the whole world this age of female and women empowerment. Their positive disposition will go a long way in convincing others, and indeed humanity that unity of spouses and nuclear families is a strong factor that aids total human development

OUTCOMES : This proposed event would elicit the following:

  • Serve as a source of encouragement for younger couples, family units and the larger society to mobilize women/men for cooperation for development
  • Enable spouses to further encourage themselves to work towards increased mutual respect and cooperation
  • Encourage spouses who own thriving businesses to consider giving their wives and daughters key roles to play in their organizations.
  • Encourage the society to improve on the welfare, progress and standard of living of the Girl Child and women in the country, and
  • Increase the role of women in decision making; including participation in top echelons of the public and private sectors
  • Promote through legal and political means increased opportunities for spouses to collaborate and plan jointly to participate as responsible members of their communities in development and growth.

THE UNITED NATIONS SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS: More importantly, the proposed event will support the global community, in attaining the objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals by promoting the following:

  • Equal rights and responsibilities for women and men in work environments
  • Promote peace and understanding and joint responsibility for developing the family
  • The fuller integration of women as decision-makers
  • Giving prominence to the development of the Girl Child; as well as re-awake parents and organizations with parental responsibilities to their duties
  • Contribute to efforts at curtailing discrimination against either of the spouses, &
  • Promote sustainable development


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  • Encourage Nigerians to engage in philanthropy
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