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As year 2018, gradually draws to an end, we bring you accounts of past memorable events that have shaped the course of history in Nigeria. We feature stories of the lives of notable Nigerians who could be classified as role models, whose footsteps could be followed by the growing generation as a result of the successes recorded by these personalities by dint of hard work and enviable conducts. The activity also has the objective of promoting the feelings of empathy in the growing ones these days when morals and standards have fallen drastically. It is also designed to make readers see hope in the future of Nigeria through enviable conducts. OUR STAR FOR 2018, IN THIS SEGMENT IS — HAJIA AISHA BUHARI – A ROLE MODEL

COMMON GOOD:  This recognition is not about any contentious issue; but a mere innocuous recognition of dispassionate and honest conduct; and consideration of issues by a member of the female gender, in a position of influence. And the personality being recognized is Her Excellency, Hajia Aisha Buhari, wife of the president of the Federal Republic, and Initiator, FUTURE ASSURED. Our society, over time, has not really granted the female gender adequate recognition as the pivots of family units, whose roles are invaluable to the overall development of all societies.

The global community is consistently pushing for increased relevance for women as enshrined in several Conventions on the Rights of Women; as a means of empowering womenfolk, removing all barriers militating against women, particularly inequality that poses a great danger to mankind. According to a UNDP Report, “Confronting inequality in developing countries shows that if left unchecked, it could undermine the very foundations of development’’

PERCEPTION: I view Hajia Aisha Buhari as a woman of exceptional courage and virtue, who strives for excellence in the process of balancing her responsibility as a wife and mother; with that of an unofficial adviser to members of her household. I have never met the wife of the president physically; but I have an unfeigned regard for her; and I believe her conduct should be a shining example to other women in positions of authority, at this period in history when the whole world is concerned with advancing the interests of women and releasing them from the stranglehold of cultural and religious beliefs. I have had an indirect interaction with Hajia Aisha Buhari that makes me to regard her as a principled personality who acts dispassionately upon conviction. This incident upon which my observation is based, occurred in April, 2018; and she might have forgotten.

The wife of the president was invited to my book presentation ceremony that held on April 10, 2018. This might now have passed unnoticed by her; but I believe it is worth recording for posterity because of conducts of people in high places that must be directed at the common good of all. Some invited guests chose not to respond in any way. Some even refused to grant audience in their offices that ideally should be accessed by members of the public. Some who previously had close relationship with me kept their distance, on the suspicion that I had relationships with some politicians regarded as holding different political views. The only politicians who attended are Prof. Tunde Adeniran, OFR; my mentor, with whom I have had a brotherly relationship for decades; and Mr. Boss Mustapha, Secretary to the Government of the Federation, about whom I have heard very good reports from his aides. He attended by proxy.

I really never blamed people because they had every right to decide which decisions to take, and those not to contemplate. In some situations, you never know what is at the back of the minds of people.   I never imagined it could happen. Some 36 hours before the event, I got a telephone call from the Director of Press/Media Aide to the wife of the president, to notify me that ‘’Her Excellency was interested in your event and might attend’’. Hajia Buhari had gone through the contents of one of the two books presented by me with the title: ‘USEFUL GUIDES ON FOREIGN TRAVELS, BORDER POSTS & IMMIGRATION MATTERS’ that counsels against illegal migration and some other social ills, now prevalent in the society. The contents align with part of the objectives of‘FUTURE ASSURED’, a pet programme of the Wife of the President. I guess she must have acted on the basis of the common good, on account of her NGO; and NOT to really satisfy an inconsequential author; and personality of no political value like my humble self.

DISPASSIONATE ACTION: The Wife of the President doesn’t know me; and we had never interacted. Eventually, Hajia Aisha Buhari could not attend; but directed that she be represented by the wife of governor of a nearby State. Somehow, her representative also couldn’t make it.   But the gesture was noted and deeply appreciated. I have never met her, and I never saw physically after my book launch. But she made sure to send a letter of commendation to me to acknowledge my efforts.

You are recognized, madam, not only on account of your welcoming disposition, unsophisticated and encouraging nature; but also, for that particular reaction to the invitation to the book presentation of an ordinary Nigerian who was unknown to you, guided by your thought that the event is of public importance;  in spite of all odds. May the good Lord bless and honour you ma.

Recognition of personalities continues tomorrow.