Saturday, March 6, 2021
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As the saying goes: ‘’One man’s meat, could be another man’s poison.’’ This translates into the fact that what is considered as inappropriate by one person, may be enjoyable or valuable to someone else, especially when it comes to the issue of class distinction. It is not limited to Nigeria, because such occurrences raised below also happen in the advanced world; but with some restraint. Wisdom and personality, a combined product of nature and nature are some of the key causative factors. CELEBRATION of people, events and developments is a global phenomenon; perhaps as old as humanity itself. Its fundamental principle is to accord recognition to significant developments, or to remember specific milestones that providence has thrown up in the life of an individual; or even occurrences in the historical development of a polity. Celebrations as cited in the foregoing have deep and fundamental objectives. Apart from recording events and achievements on the positive pages of history, they constitute indices for gauging human conducts and reward system as well as the promotion of the feelings of empathy. Therefore, there is basically nothing wrong with celebrating people whose achievements have obtruded themselves through their positive contributions to societal development. Quite naturally, it is to be noted that the sterling qualities in the daily lives of eminent personalities should be sources of inspiration and guidance for others, especially the younger generation in the task of growing the society and fulfillment of dreams and aspirations. The broad picture of the scenario presented by the culture of receiving awards and honors from the various groups and organizations in the country in the past few decades would reveal that there is indeed a great need to look into the entire gamut of rewards for perceived excellent performances. It is interesting to note that we now live in an age in which class distinction has become so pronounced that there is a mad rush for honors and rewards by both the old and the young. Sadly, we live in an age in which the craze for the acquisition of titles has become terribly feverish. We have witnessed conferment of unmerited chieftaincy titles on several individuals who, ordinarily should not be celebrated. Beyond this, Nigeria can now boast of innumerable honorary Doctorate degree recipients, honoured by even Universities abroad on pecuniary grounds. Incredibly, people have in the last three decades, purchased such honours from foreign tertiary institutions….

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