Monday, March 8, 2021
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Although he goes to bed at 9 p.m and usually wakes up, naturally, about 6 a.m, he seems capable of finding the time to be anywhere he has and wants to be. Through social events within his and my own extended family, his closeness to his cousins Chief Olu Aboderin and Chief Moyo Aboderin, his high visibility in Government College, Ibadan Old Boys’ affairs even before he became its president – a position he held for many years with exceptional commitment and high distinction – and also my own impromptu calls on his family from time to time, we maintained a continuous and happy relationship. During the time I was chairman for over 24 years, I not only enjoyed his cooperation but often found him especially useful in resolving difficult situations. Above all, his contributions to discussions at meetings were consistently of high quality, informed by his wide experience in public service management, his membership of some private sector boards, and an analytical disposition. And I think there may also be a lesson for others to learn here.


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