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 ‘’The rich and powerful do not give away their favours for free. ‘’They always ask for something in return, and their demand is usually much greater than their initial investment. If care is not taken, you may lose your own soul in the process. ‘’Don’t be carried away by any “delicious” offer, because it is really nothing but deceitful food laden with poison. ‘’You’ve been warned!’’  — Pastor EA Adeboye.  I laughed hysterically this morning on receiving an electronic message with a somehow beautiful contents. I am always careful to ignore electronic communications. But this particular message conveys some meaningful information that could douse tension, particularly on the political plane. It also has the potential of encouraging budding politicians not to view politics as a do or die game. It goes thus: “After watching the Goodluck Jonathan book launch, I stand not to speak, criticize or insult any Nigerian politician again. ‘’Seeing Oshiomhole  laughing with and hugging Saraki, Uche Secondus having friendly  conversation with Boss Mustapha, Oshiomhole and Atiku Abubakar laughing endlessly. ‘’I honestly  nearly slapped myself for taking sides and defending these politicians.’’ It continues: ‘’OBJ supports Atiku; his son supports Buhari. Doyin Okupe supports Atiku; his son supports Buhari. Atiku is the main opposition presidential candidate. ”His daughter is still the Commissioner for Health in APC Government in Adamawa. ‘’Bode George supports Atiku.  ‘’His wife serves under Buhari. ‘’Buba Galadima is supporting Atiku; his daughter  – Zainab is a special assistant in the presidency’’ The piece concludes by stating that:‘’Whichever way things go, these families and many others within the ruling class will always benefit. ‘’Meanwhile, some of you are busy fighting, insulting, maiming, and killing yourselves for them.  ‘’Tell me then, what you gain from insulting people without being a direct beneficiary of the unfolding events. ‘’Better play polished politics and keep your relationship tidy – you may need them later’’.  GOOD OMEN: I believe this is a very good development that indicates that the masses are waking up and could think deep and be influenced positively to embrace a true democratic culture that places public and national interest above all considerations. It is a development that shows that given the right orientation and support, people could break loose from the stranglehold of the elite and political groups that have successfully purchased and imprisoned the conscience of the ordinary people, who are struggling to survive. The ordinary people…

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