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I am responding to the stimuli of a sermon preached yesterday by one of Nigeria’s foremost Pentecostal ministers of God. It provoked in me some feelings that nudged me to retire home after the church service to reflect more on the way forward for our dear country – Nigeria. The sermon was preached by Dr. D.K. Olukoya, General Overseer of the Mountain of Fire & Miracles Ministries, who is not given to frivolities or cheap publicity; and so much touched my heart such that I made up my mind to share the message, that could, all things being equal, really melt a heart of steel, albeit momentarily. I am interested in the message because it hammered on the major course to follow, if we all  truly desire that Nigeria should move forward. I have honestly always been bothered about our dear country, Nigeria, and what becomes of Nigeria now, in the near future, and even after our generation might have been called home by God. Apart from being a Nigerian and stakeholder in our collective project, like other 170 million citizens of this great country, my deep thoughts have largely been driven by my experiences over the years as a participant-observer in governments, (military and civilian) added to my exposure as a journalist. Those regrettable developments that terminated democracy in Nigeria in January 1966, as witnessed by me, as a scion of a prominent elected political office holder, have also shaped my thoughts about the need for us to play the game with sanity and engage in peaceful conducts. At an impressionable age in post-emergency Western-Region of Nigeria from 1963 to 1966, I witnessed killings and maiming that scare me till today; and have made me take the back row when it comes to seeking an elective position.  Even if I wish to contest, where would I get the funds? The only offices I ever contested for  was Vice-Chairman, BCOS chapel of the Nigerian Union of Journalists in 1989;  and later in 1992, Secretary, Osun State Council of the union that accommodated me on the NEC of NUJ led by Muhammed Sani Zorro. I won both elections comfortably by the design of God and the support of my colleagues, who preferred me. If there had been threats of violence, I would have quietly withdrawn. No spending of any kind too. CONSCIENCE: Dr. DK Olukoya’s message that came after the immediate-past Deputy-Governor…

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