Sunday, March 7, 2021
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 ‘’Ask not what your country has done to you, but what you have also done to your country. ‘’Misplaced victimhood is also misplaced aggression against one’s country.’’ …. Tatalo Alamu. At inception, TERRIFIC HEADLINES promised to focus on a broad spectrum of the global community, with emphasis on Nigeria, Africa, and indeed the whole world in that order. We disclosed that our activities and publications would always be in good faith, and for future generations, in recognition of virtues and values that are worth reading and recording for posterity. We equally asserted that we will entertain only issue-based discussions grounded on merit, patriotism, fair play and justice. Therefore, our publications have been chiefly directed at influencing the citizenry for improvements and better standards of living and conducts, through sensitization and advocacy activities. We don’t do gossips. Therefore, TERRIFIC HEADLINES is publishing the views of notable Nigerians and scholars of repute, as a means of educating the government and the governed. People, who have patriotically given us the right to publish their materials in national interest include Prof. Tunde Adeniran, OFR, Nigeria’s former Minister of Education; later Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany. It is expected that these opinions would go a long way in encouraging discourse that would promote development and encourage politicians seeking elective and other positions in government to discuss issues rather that engage in mudslinging that yields no dividend.  Specifically, we request that the relevant audience, including politicians, students and scholars of Political Science, Diplomacy, International Relations, Governance, Security Studies, History, Social Studies & Sciences and other related disciplines should join our social media networks to be able to benefit from refreshing debates and information. Today, we present a paper titled: NIGERIAN UNIVERSITIES & NATIONAL TRANSFORMATION: THE ROLE OF THE ALUMNI as presented by Professor Tunde Adeniran, OFR.  It is being published in two parts; starting with Part 1, today in which the erudite professor submits that: ”WE ARE ALL GUILTY AS CHARGED: Yes, indeed we are all guilty as charged – past leaders, present leaders and all those who have had the benefit of university education and have chosen to be silent in the face of booming business of hand-outs and term papers, examination malpractices, certificate racketeering, etc.” PROFILING PRODUCTS OF UNIVERSITIES: Profiling recent products of our universities is not a pleasant exercise. The shock has, however, now gone beyond some so-called graduates who are unable to…

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