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NIGERIA: Parliamentary System of Government As Solution


Spread the loveFellow members of Pan African Federalist Movement , the raging debate now in our countries as to which way we should go to maximize the use of our resources to enhance the quality of life of Africans, whether within the Five Regions on the African Continent and the Sixth Region in the Americas or wherever Africans are, on the globe, has assumed very disturbing dimensions. Unfortunately there are no clear poles (Ideologies) pulling the ideas that will, based on where we are coming from , what are the characterization of where we are now and that will take us to preferred destination. Here at home, Nigeria, though we had the interlude of Nigerianism during the six months Administration of late General Murtala Muhammed, the muddling through approach has been the order of doing things since 1967. It will be recalled that, during the First Republic, the focus of government was massive development of the human resources and national institutions that will sustain the social engineering of a United, strong, peaceful federal Republic of Nigeria. The governments were Welfarist. There was healthy competition between the Regions. There was true Federalism. The Regions had their constitutions while the Federal Government had an omnibus Constitution controlling the Constituent Regions. From 1966, when the Unitary Federalist system of Government was introduced, which introduced a command system of administration to the country, the smooth development of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has been adversely affected. The results so far has not produced the expected results , that is a well ordered Just, Peaceful, United, Strong and developed country ready to lead the African people in all ramifications given her economic geography and vibrancy of her people. Today, the indices measuring the levels of the development of Nigerians are abysmally disappointing despite the fact

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