Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Molke, a General of distinction and their group, paid the price for Germany. They laid the foundation upon which Adolf Hitler later built upon. Napoleon Bonaparte, Charles de Gaulle and others paid the price for France. Elizabeth I, Oliver Cromwell and their group paid the same for England. George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Martin Luther King and their group paid the price for the United States. Mandela and his group paid the price for the black in South Africa. The search for the magic wand for the development of Indonesia was led by General Suharto, while Mr. Lee Kuan Yew lives till today in the minds of people as the modernizer of Singapore. Who will do it for Nigeria? I honestly dont know why I am very intensely concerned about peace and peaceful conducts, especially in my dear country Nigeria. However, I could guess that my fears have to do with my upbringing and sprouting personality, that are combined products of nature and nurture. I witnessed, as a participant-observer in my teens, the disreputable 1964 political crises in the defunct Western region of Nigeria. Those were sordid situations that recorded very horrible occurrences that could be described as the theatre of the absurd that featured mini-wars. Our dad was Deputy Speaker Western Region Legislature and acted as the Hon. Speaker for the better part of post-emergency Western Region. From what I saw, I have always prayed that Nigeria will never be returned to that perilous period of absolute lawlessness, political brigandage, arson, and wanton destruction of lives and property, that eventually led to the death of the first republic. In 1964, I saw a human head drippling with blood, severed from the body displayed by political thugs who visited our residence in Ipetu-Ijesha to eliminate us. But God intervened, and they left us unharmed. The thought of this incident alone is enough to scare one from seeking any elective office because the whole of the political atmosphere is enveloped by evil conducts and lacks the spirit of sportsmanship. I have always believed that God would never spare anyone who sheds human blood; or instigates people to shed blood. The law of retributive justice would always apply in the fullness of time. It is painful, and there is the need to prevent such pains occasioned by what I call political abracadabra that throws up candidates during political party primaries and…

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