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Nigeria committed to multilateralism and the rules-based international system of the United Nations — Muhammadu Buhari


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As the United Nations marks the 75th anniversary of its existence, Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari Monday  reiterates Nigeria’s rededication to multilateralism and the rules-based international system.  State House press released signed by spokesman Femi Adesina quoted Mr. President as expressing the hope that this anniversary will encourage the whole world to respond to the numerous challenges we face and support efforts aimed at building the United Nations System we desire.’ The President who joined world leaders at a virtual event to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the United Nations.hailed the United Nations for remaining true to the aspirations of its founders, saying the international organisation has continued to play the crucial role of fostering global peace and security. Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the UN for the first time convened world leaders in a virtual format for the High-level meetings and the annual General Debate. In his video message to the UN at 75 event, President Buhari amplified Nigeria’s achievements at the UN since 1960 when the country officially joined the organisation. He highlighted the country’s active contribution in human, financial and material resources to several United Nations Peacekeeping Operations, among other priorities.  The Nigerian leader said: ”On behalf of the Government and people of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, I wish to express sincere felicitation to Member States for the giant strides taken towards achieving the objectives of the Organization thus far. ”Today’s celebration is a remarkable milestone in the history of the United Nations. It affords us the opportunity to review our progress and challenges as well as chart the course for our future. ”For over seven decades,  the United ‘Nations has remained true to the aspirations of its founders. It continues to play a crucial role in fostering global peace and security. The Organisation has grown in membership and scope to reflect contemporary global trends.’’ ”Collectively, we have improved and saved lives, as well as defended the rights of the vulnerable  in adherence to the principles of the United Nations. ”More so, we have worked together to shelter refugees; foster development; invest in conflict resolution and peacekeeping; and promoted women’s and children’s rights. Moreover, we have jointly intensified the fight against deadly diseases such as Malaria, Ebola, Tuberculosis, and the Coronavirus pandemic.” DECOLONIZATION: On decolonisation, President Buhari called on Member States to abide by UN Resolution 1514 on the granting of independence to colonial countries and peoples, warning that…

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