Monday, March 8, 2021
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Mentoring is one of the tripods on which successful conducts stand. Personality, the combined products of nature and nurture plays a dominant role in what a child becomes in like. Indeed, mentoring is one of the vital factors upon which our activity tagged: COUPLES & FAMILIES OF VIRTUES is hinged.  Copying good examples yields positive dividends while negative influence draws a society towards precipice. It is in youths that the process of societal renewal is embedded. It is important for the nation to address the problems confronting youths, particularly unemployment, creation of an enabling environment for youth development, and the eradication of some social vices in which youths are involved.

THE MENTORS: There must be attitudinal changes, propelled by good policies and programmes, designed and implemented to promote national development.  Experience counts in practically all fields of human endeavour.  There are a few people in the society that could be regarded as ROLE MODELS from whom people draw inspirations. One of these very rare breed is Elder Felix Ohiwerei, a retired boardroom player who was mentored by some people. He has, in turn brought up some people who are very successful personalities. In this piece titled: Thoughts of Elder Felix Ohiwerei, we bring out some admonitions that youths was ponder on to be able to become successful in life.

 GOOD NAME WILL OPEN DOORS THAT MONEY CANNOT PURCHASE: I learnt this lesson from my father. He told all of us his children that a good name will take us very far in life . He said it would open doors that money could never open. This advice made me to be very careful. When I got the Nigerian Breweries job, my sisters said no way, that their brother would never go and sell beer. My father was a catechist. He told them:  ‘’leave him, if the training he received from home is of any value to him, he will stand his ground anywhere’’. I heard it, and it put me on my toes never to let that old man down. What that did to me was that I put name above money. In my generation, there was a time when people were pursuing money. I knew, because of what my father told me that that was a path to destruction. That was my guiding principle, and I suppose I would not have got to where I am without it. To him,  when character is lost, all is lost.

 BE CAREFUL WHO YOU TRUST: I have seen things in my relationship with people, and my conclusion is that don’t be too quick to trust a man because you really cannot fathom what human beings can do. What I am saying is based on my personal experience in the various companies in which I worked in, (particularly in Nigerian Breweries). The Bible says the heart of man is deceitful and desperately wicked; who can understand it? Before you say I trust this man, be very careful. I had trusted people and I was disappointed times without number. I have come to realise that you cannot say I know this man until you have tested him with a number of things, especially money and power. The way people change when those things come under their control is simply amazing.

 IMPORTANCE OF THE FIRST INSTITUTION IN HEAVEN: The importance of the FAMILY VALUES project that TERRIFIC HEADLINES is spearheading could the found in a  Biblical assertion that:  The family was God’s first institution. Over the years, modernization has drawn family values and virtues towards precipice. It is feared that if the situation persists with the reckless pattern of its rapid desecration of values and virtues, the whole world may not too long from now witness crises in unimaginable proportions.  Genesis 3:24, states that: “Therefore man shall leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.” This Declaration by God, instituted the marriage relationship and designed the family unit.  According to Jonathan L. Perz  (2008) the downfall of the family unit in society is one of the most tragic things facing mankind. ‘’The destruction of the family unit all begins with the destruction of what starts a family – the marriage of a man and a woman.’’ Why?   Because the institution of marriage and family, is generally not held in the esteem that God meant for it to be!’’

PROACTIVE MEASURES AS PRIMARY GOAL; &  REACTIVE STRATEGIES AS SECONDARY OPTIONS: There is hardly any observer who is not worried about the social environment and Western negativities on the upbringing of our youth; and corrosive influence on adults too, these days of Globalization, which makes social vices and ills not to have any borders. In large measures, the society shares the collective rot in the social systems. Parents no longer pay the desirable/adequate attention to the development of the child. Organizations that exist to build and shape character/personalities appear to be helpless; and are, in many cases, guilty of dereliction of duty.  In truth, the task of monitoring youth and societal development is the responsibility of all, including organizations and people charged with parental responsibilities. Available statistics reveal that 61 per cent of websites on the Internet are pornographic sites, which make them easily available to anyone.

HUMAN RIGHTS & MORALS: As rational human beings, parents must engage in introspection and discover where we started getting things wrong; and why we have continued to grapple, almost helplessly, with the problems of low morals and virtues;  or even no morals at all. We could them collaborate for the purpose of restoring our values that have been eroded by foreign influences. Man is marrying man; and woman is marrying woman in societies that permit the heresy on account of human rights.  Retired Primate Peter Jasper Akinola asserts that: ‘’The Western world is not our moral sample; they have nothing to offer Nigeria, morally speaking. ”Those who claim human rights beyond the rights are going too far as no person has no such right beyond that given by God. ‘’He made you male and female. ‘’If the Lord had wanted it, He would have made you all male or female but He made you male and female, blessed you and said, procreate. ‘’That is God’s order; that is the way it is ordained naturally for human beings to co-exist. ‘’Anything contrary to that is an insult to God Almighty’’ The whole problem of homosexuality is not just about people who are homosexuals. It’s about church leaders who are upturning the true understanding of the scripture. They are liberalizing the scripture. That is the major challenge we faced and we still face.”

THE NEED FOR INTROSPECTION Elsewhere, Jonathan L. Perz attributes the erosion of values to: selfishness, which he says is ‘’the biggest destroyer of marriages. ‘’In turn, the family unit has for the most part come to mean nothing. Children in turmoil and confusion are the consequences of such thinking. ‘’They get wrapped up in a vicious cycle of broken homes that only they can choose to break. That is, the average child of a divorced couple will inevitably divorce unless they consciously and determinably choose not to fall prey to the same thing their parents did.’’ This is shameful.! God never desired these things for the family. Malachi 2:13-16

SUGGESTED SOLUTIONS – BISHOP DAVID OYEDEPO: I will at this point make an allusion to a piece by Bishop David Oyedepo, while defending the operational style of Covenant University: ‘’Some people say how can you tell children how to dress? We have to do that so they won’t behave like mad people on the street. ‘’They say how can you tell them they can’t use phone? We tell them so they would be disconnected from cultism. “Ask me anything, I can tell you why we did it. Where are you going to find the President of a nation with a woven hair? I can tell you that in the next 100 years, you won’t find a male president using ear-rings because they would count you as irresponsible, even in the secular world, they won’t see anything in you. ‘’As free as America is, have you ever seen any minister there with earrings? The person may be qualified, but he will be termed irresponsible. ‘’But if you train these children how to carry themselves, it will open up their future. “Everywhere you get to in this world, people are looking for responsible people, who don’t only say so, but prove so. ‘’So, all the opinions on Covenant University have died now because we didn’t stop pursuing what we believe was right and now it has become a standard” There is no magic wand for turning the situation around, beyond getting parents, organizations with parental responsibilities, and the appropriate agencies of government to be more committed to youth development.

EXTRA-VIGILANCE: Nigeria must necessarily address this ugly development capable of eroding her citizens’ cultural heritage.The level of the involvement of youths in social and criminal vices is disturbing. This development is a global phenomenon, these days of borderless world. It is perhaps seems to be more obvious in Nigeria because of the high moral standards put in place by the older generation which they hoped would be passed on to even generations yet to be born.  It is true that Government has a key role to play with regard to moderating the polity.  The 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended) states without any equivocation that the primary purpose of Government shall be the welfare and security of the citizenry. But it is not only government that should be blamed. Many parents are irresponsible and cannot manage their homes.  Evidently, there is the need for respect for core and shared values, and the collective ability of the citizenry to do away with attitudes and cultures that have continued to incapacitate developmental strides.

COUPLES & PARENTS OF VIRTUES & VALUES —  A CONTINUOUS PROGRAMME (ALL YEAR ROUND) — OUR TASK: What we at TERRIFIC HEADLINES are doing is to promote family values and virtues through a muli-pronged media agenda that is attacking the scourge of social and criminal conducts by raising the level of awareness of our target audience through a Strategic Communications Strategy. We took it upon ourselves as social responsible people and patriotic Nigerians with good visions. People tend to look only at the awards/honours ceremony that is being planned for ROLE MODEL COUPLES & PARENTS that could further spur the younger generation on to achieving higher standards of morals, virtue,  integrity, uprightness and decency.

So far, this lofty programme of public and national interests has been wholly funded by TERRIFIC HEADLINES.  This activity comes up regularly to influence behaviour and attitudes with a view to developing Nigeria,  It appears most times daily and is directed at the target audience that includes parents, government, organizations with parental responsibilities, civil society organizations and the civil society. To those who wonder  every so often if Nigeria be great again, I say let us never lose hope, but endeavour to work harder. It is not past midnight for Nigeria. Biblical Joseph was in the dungeon when the God of suddenly moved and promoted him to the post of prime minister of Egypt, the then most powerful nation on earth. .David was a shepherd boy when the God of suddenly moved to make him king of Israel. — No campaign, no posters,  within a few hours.

All of us have the shared responsibility of developing our dear country; our own Jerusalem. Those good prophecies concerning Nigeria have to be properly prayed in to happen.

 May the Good Lord bless Nigeria

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