Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Let me commence by stating emphatically that this is not a reputation enhancing article. It is a piece woven together at this critical period of our nation’s political history purposely to invite attention, solicit for peace and guide information managers in both the private and public sectors, who   may, be hugely challenged by occurrences as they unfold. I say boldly that whoever feels unconcerned about our common predicament is not a patriot. And this is not written to antagonize or deride any personality but an input that could be most useful for governors of the public and private sectors and professional information managers. Furthermore, this is a response to the need for collective efforts on the part of all Nigerians to manage crises and peace, whenever they arise, in the fluid and dynamic world in which we operate.  As posited by Obafemi Awolowo, ‘’wrangling or contention is a human trait that must occur in every organized society’’. We cannot all possibly think and act the same way, hence the need for regulation of the society through proper and regulated flow of information through measurable goals, with feedback mechanism. GOOD GOVERNANCE: For a long time, our country has been in search of good governance.  We are familiar with the old order that must pass away. We have lived with it for many years. We were all involved in it, trying strenuously and sometimes violently to reposition the polity. In our diverse-natured and complex political entities, we realize the need for an evolving political readjustment.  One of the most challenging problems has to do with renewed threats to peaceful conducta and criminal inclination. It is not common to Nigeria alone; but we must be concerned because this has never been part of us. We cannot, as a result of that fold our arms and watch. We must set the agenda in motion for useful contributions, as purveyors of the sterling qualities within which the society could recreate itself. One of the most important requirements of peace is understanding. And this could only be promoted through dialogue; at this critical period when people, including shareholders of private sector organizations are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of taking their representatives to task. DIALOGUE – ALWAYS THE FIRST OPTION: Any information manager who wishes to succeed must be able to act by balancing public interest with the personal interest of the boss. The best…

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