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By Kayode Oladeji There is always a tripodal stand on which authorship stands: the author, the subject matter and the target audience. The author, being the principal leg of the tripod, must, through experience and exposure, research or studiy; or a combination of some or all of those factors, have a thorough grasp of the subject matter. The subject matter must be well espoused and be clearly communicated by the author to a definable target audience who on interacting with the author and the subject matter in a book (or any publication of that sort), must be able to understand and relate with both the author and the subject matter. Other essential ingredients which are adjunct to the three legs of the tripod are the setting and the timing of the writing of a book. This is perhaps the telescopic backdrop against which the review of Femi Adelegan’s latest books – USEFUL GUIDES FOR IMMIGRATION, BORDER POSTS OPERATIONS & FOREIGN TRAVELS and TECHNICS OF INFORMATION MANAGEMENT IN GOVERNANCE – is premised. It is an indisputable fact that Femi Adelegan, the author of the two books, is a thoroughbred scholar whose fountain of knowledge runs very deep. His gentle and quiet mien merely belies his profoundness. His wealth of experience, combining with his global exposure and his voraciousness at reading, make him versatile. As such, any time Femi, as he is simply and amiably called, decides to speak or write about any subject, it can conveniently be declared ‘a done deal’ right from the outset. And, good enough for we his readers, his simplicity ensures that he writes in a manner that anyone with basic education can read and understand and yet will get even a professorial thinking! Deploying all those qualities which have been highlighted above, author Femi Adelegan has given to Nigerians, first, a very timely and critically needful book titled, USEFUL GUIDES FOR IMMIGRATION, BORDER POSTS OPERATIONS & FOREIGN TRAVELS in which he, among other things, provides guidance notes, that could assist whoever wishes to transact private or business activities at the ports/border posts to have a clear understanding of the basic issues raised in the book. It is a book which, like Ambassador Joe C. Keshi, a retired Diplomat, notes in his FOREWORD (to the book) “could not have come at a better time than now, when the whole world is united about the need for good…

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