Saturday, March 6, 2021
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LET’S REASON TOGETHER: OUR PATIENCE WILL ACHIEVE MORE THAN OUR FORCE  Suddenly, too many people appear to be aggrieved,and the staccato of voices ringing out appears to be very disturbing, especially not only on account of the fact that they threaten national cohesion and stability; but could be interpreted to be sounding like drums of war.The intention here, as the title of this piece suggests, is not to find faults with any individual, organization or government. It merelyserves as a special appeal to all Nigerians, in the name of God, to embrace the option of peaceful coexistence and resolution of crises, just as it conveys pleas to well-meaning leaders and rulers to step up interventions, in order to tone down the strong influences of animosity that have unfortunately pervaded the atmosphere.It was a political theorist, Edmund Burke, who once asserted that ”our patience will achieve more than our force.” Thoughts and opinions occur in every organized political setting all over the world. We would be pretending if we say all is well with our polity. And the fact remains that all of us, Nigerians are complicit in arriving where we have suddenly found ourselves. Reactions from several quarters are very disturbing and must give cause for concern. There have been reports of separatist intentions and threats to bring the economy of the country to its knees. So many people have taken to the New Media to express their frustrations; with so many coming as disturbing messages on account of the contents of the messages.  Some wrote that Muhammadu Buhari is sponsoring cattle traders. I said impossible, because nobody would wish to create problems for himself or herself, by deliberately shooting himself or herself on the foot. Another voice said that Goodluck Jonathan is the sponsor of herdsmen! I said foul, because herdsmen would never listen to Jonathan. Some reactions indeed give cause for concern such that one is constrained to believe that fifth columnists might have infiltrated the ranks of people who contribute to discourse responsibly and on good faith. You now find people claiming to be Imams and Pastors circulating very dangerous information in a manner that could shake national cohesion and stability. What are the probable causes of all these regrettable incidents? Xavier William, in his book: ‘New Age Tantrums’ describes violence as ‘’an act arising from fear, anger, frustration, greed and/or other causes that leads to injury…

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